Former WWE Star Lana Reveals Brutally Awkward Way She Learned She Was Fired

Lana looking shocked in the ring WWE

Getting fired is never fun, and if you work in the WWE, there's always a chance that day is just around the corner. Former WWE Superstar Lana (real name CJ Perry) found that out the hard way after she was blindsided by her dismissal on an otherwise relaxing day.

Lana appeared on Chris Jericho's Talk Is Jericho podcast and explained how a calm pool day with family quickly turned into a brutally awkward situation in which she discovered she'd been fired by the WWE. The wrestler received a call from WWE's John Laurinaitis and assumed he called regarding a recent television offer she was negotiating with the company. Instead, she learned he was calling about her non-compete clause, which he decided to lead off with as opposed to the actual news she was fired.

He's like 'I’m calling you about your 90 days.’ I’m like, ‘Wait, what?’ I couldn’t even understand. He’s like, ‘I’m calling you about your 90 days because you’re getting released.’ And I was literally standing right next to the pool and I was like-my heart dropped, my heart dropped.

Per the terms of Lana's and many other former WWE talent, they cannot sign a contract with another wrestling organization for 90 days after their contract with WWE is terminated. Obviously, with her husband Miro (formerly Rusev in the WWE) over in AEW, it was probably important for John Laurinaitis to remind her of the clause to avoid any legal issues. With that said, definitely not the best way to fire someone to lead the discussion with their clause rather than the fact they've been fired.

Lana went on to explain that the conversation got even more confusing, as she never quite figured out why she was being fired. The wrestler prompted John Laurinaitis for some reason why she was being cast out of WWE but only got praise for her hard work in return.

If someone would have told me that would happen, I would have been like ‘no way’ because I love my job and I love the people I worked with. Things are shitty at times, but that’s why it’s a job. . .I go, ‘Is there anything I did wrong?’ [Laurinaitis is] like, ‘No, you’ve worked your ass off. You’ve improved tremendously in the ring. Thank you for working hard. Stay close.'

Eventually, Lana explained that she was told her exit was tied to budget cuts, which would track with the recent reports behind the release of other former WWE talent like Braun Strowman. Lana didn't hold any ill-will towards John Laurinaitis specifically for doing his job but also felt the timing of it happening while she's vacationing with family was definitely awkward. Perhaps not as awkward as when another recently axed wrestler, Mickie James, got all her belongings mailed to her in a trash bag, but still, pretty awkward. Hopefully, out of all the changes the WWE will make in the future, the way they handle firings will improve.

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