Henry Cavill's Geralt Embraces His Destiny In New Witcher Season 2 Trailer, And I'm All In

More than a year and a half has passed since The Witcher premiered on Netflix to introduce viewers to Henry Cavill's Geralt of Rivia, take them on a journey through timelines across the Continent, and debut a song that has been stuck in the head of at least one fan since December 2019. It was renewed for Season 2 before Season 1 even premiered, and small details about the next installments have released over the hiatus, but not a whole lot for fans to sink their teeth into... until now. After the reveal of the premiere date, a trailer has released, and I'm officially all in.

The new trailer mostly centers on Geralt and Ciri's new dynamic after they finally met at the end of Season 1, with Geralt embracing his destiny but also assuring CIri that she's much more than that. After the first teasers moved so quickly that it was difficult to discern much of anything, the trailer is definitely a lot more to be excited about.

The trailer already indicates that Season 2 will showcase a whole new side of Geralt – namely, one that is social with people other than the bard who wormed his way into Geralt's good graces, thanks to footage of Geralt arriving at Kaer Morhen to reunite with his fellow witchers. He's also clearly going to at least try to be there for Ciri, as there's even a hug in the new footage.

For a guy whose reaction to learning that the law of surprise meant he was destined for a child surprise was a simple "Fuck," this is growth! It certainly looks like Ciri can use all the help and support she can get, as it looks like Kaer Morhen's witchers aren't exactly used to exiled princesses as guests.

Of course, there's also the point that the early description of Season 2 courtesy of Netflix revealed that Geralt believes Yennefer is dead, so at least at the beginning he won't be distracted by any thoughts of rescuing or reuniting with her. She'll clearly have her hands full as well, but I for one am relieved that the trailer provided a clear look at a living Yennefer.

The Witcher Season 2 will premiere on Friday, December 17, so the end of hiatus is in sight even if the new season is not exactly premiering next week. Some smaller glimpses of what's in store for Season 2 were released ahead of the WitcherCon event on July 9, starting with some new images of the key characters after the events of Season 1 that confirmed Yennefer will be in far more dire straits than Geralt and Ciri.

For now, you can always watch and rewatch the first season of The Witcher streaming on Netflix, and Season 2 isn't the only thing worth looking forward to in the franchise. The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf is on the way as an anime film, and casting is underway for The Witcher: Blood Origin as a six-part limited live-action series. Plus, there are plenty of other options as summer continues while Witcher fans continue counting down the days until Geralt, Yennefer, Ciri, and the rest are back on the screen with new episodes.

Laura Hurley
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