Why The Witcher Fans Can Probably Expect To See Season 2 Footage Soon


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The Witcher debuted back in 2019 to become a quick and massive hit for Netflix, and fans could rest easy knowing that Netflix had already renewed the fantasy series for a Season 2 before the first even premiered. Unfortunately, the COVID pandemic that brought much of the entertainment industry to a halt resulted in some significant delays for filming Season 2, with the schedule even resulting in a recast of a character. The good news? Showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich has a message for fans that could mean Season 2 footage coming soon.

Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, who helped reveal the wrap of production back in early April after 15 locations, 89 cast members, and 1200 crew members, took to Twitter to drop an interesting detail about the current status of production on The Witcher Season 2:

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It's hard not to get excited about the showrunner's tweet, and not just because of the apparent Hamilton reference with the "rooms where it happens" mention! Lauren Schmidt Hissrich being "deep into post-production" presumably means the show is closer than ever to having more substantial completed footage than brief moments of new monsters. And if the showrunner is "so fucking excited," then I think fans can start getting hyped about what's in store!

And I think it's fair for fans to start speculating about what this means for both a trailer and the second season. A show's full season doesn't have to have been fully completed for a trailer to release – non-Netflix shows that still release episodes on a weekly basis do it all the time, and few series would want to give away everything that happens toward the end of a season anyway. And if a trailer could be ready in the coming weeks or months, then we can look at the timeline for Season 1's releases.

The first teaser for The Witcher Season 1 was released in late July 2019, about five months before the show actually premiered in December. If a teaser or trailer is on the way sooner rather than later, then Season 2 could release far earlier in the year than Season 1 was. That said, that July teaser release was timed to the Witcher panel at San Diego Comic-Con, so my fingers are crossed that we're not waiting until the next virtual SDCC for footage.

Either way, the facts that The Witcher filming has been completed (with star Henry Cavill capping off the experience with a gorgeous wrap gift) and Lauren Schmidt Hissrich is deep into post-production bodes well for fans being closer than ever to getting a good look at what's on the way. Some details have been revealed, including that Season 2 won't play around with the timeline the same way that Season 1 did.

For now, you can find the first season of The Witcher streaming on Netflix, along with plenty of other options. The Witcher isn't the only high-profile Netflix show to be delayed due to pandemic shutdowns, but if Stranger Things could recently release some footage, why not The Witcher?

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