The Witcher Reveals Season 2 Premiere Date, And That's Not All

The Witcher fans have been waiting well over a year to find out what happens next after the Season 1 finale that left Yennefer in dire straits, while also finally letting Geralt and Ciri's paths cross. War has come to the Continent, and the stage was set for a thrilling (and more linear) start to Season 2...whenever that would happen, as no premiere date had been announced. Now, Netflix has announced the Season 2 premiere date and some new first looks, and it's time to start getting excited!

And for any fans who were concerned that even more delays are on the way after production went through complication after complication, the new season is definitely arriving before the end of the year. The Witcher Season 2 will premiere on Friday, December 17, which places the first episode of Season 2 almost exactly two years after the Season 1 premiere on December 20, 2019. The reveal came courtesy of the WitcherCon fan event celebrating both the Netflix series and the popular game series. As for what Season 2 will look like, check out some new images!

Jaskier (Joey Batey) is downright rocking out in this first look at his character in Season 2, and it's probably safe to say that he has more going on than "Toss A Coin To Your Witcher." That doesn't mean whatever he has in store won't be stuck in fans' heads for another two years, though! As for more of what's in store, check out a training scene sneak peek at Ciri (Freya Allen) and Lambert (Season 2 newcomer Paul Bullion) at the witcher stronghold of Kaer Morhen!

In case there was any doubt that the witchers at Kaer Morhen would put Ciri through the wringer, the image of Ciri training with Lambert should dispell that notion. Basically, if you weren't already hyped for Season 2, the premiere date and new looks might have done the trick. While the wait for The Witcher Season 2 isn't over just yet, there is not an end to hiatus in sight, and that's more than fans have had to go on beyond some quick glimpses for a long time. During the wait for the show to finally return, you can always revisit the first season streaming on Netflix now.

Plus, if you want a Witcher fix beyond Season 1, you can check out the novel series by author Andrzej Sapkowski. There is no guarantee of how much of the book saga will be included in the show, though! Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more coverage of The Witcher during the wait for Season 2. Plus, there's always the The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf anime movie on the way, and The Witcher: Blood Origin live-action limited series, which has started casting.

Laura Hurley
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