Big Brother Spoilers: Who Was Nominated In Week 1, And Who Is The Target

Team Jokers completing a puzzle Big Brother Season 23 CBS

Warning! The following contains spoilers for Big Brother Season 23's Week 1 nominations. Read at your own risk!

Brandon "Frenchie" French has had control of the Big Brother house for only a couple of days, and already he's responsible for the most chaotic 48 hours the game has seen in a few years. The Big Brother superfan made the classic mistake of over-playing to the fullest degree, and it resulted in not even the players of the house knowing who he would choose to nominate.

Now the nominations are out, and those who haven't been watching the live feeds are probably still somewhat confused as to what Frenchie's big play is. With that said, here are the nominations and what I've gathered so far on who the target is and why.

Alyssa Lopez Big Brother Season 23 CBS

Alyssa Lopez

Alyssa Lopez had a rough couple of days in the house, and as a result, had some trouble making connections early on with players. Just when it seemed she'd finally gotten over her nausea and was ready to play, she has been put on the block and is at risk of being the first sent home. Lopez's nomination was a surprise to the house and to her, especially as she had been told she was safe by Brandon French several times ahead of nominations.

Kyland Young Big Brother CBS

Kyland Young

Kyland Young was another surprise nomination, but truth be told, no one really knew who exactly was going up on the block given the chaotic last 24 hours. Young was also someone who seemed to have a tight bond with Brandon French, and there was even talk between the two extensively about being in a Final 2 together. Did something change in the past few hours, or is this all a part of some elaborate plan?

Big Brother Competition CBS

Who The Actual Target Is

I'll leave a disclaimer that Frenchie could and may 100% change his mind on the target because he has so many times already, but it would seem he's trying to get out Alyssa Lopez. Just before nominations, Frenchie explained to Travis Long and Xavier Prather that he did not trust Christian Birkenberger, but because Christian had immunity this week thanks to the Wildcard Competition, could not put him on the block. In Frenchie's mind, the next best move was to take out Lopez, who he felt developed a showmance in the house with Birkenberger.

Xavier Prather pointed out that he didn't even believe the two were in a showmance, but that obviously didn't dissuade Brandon French. At least, we think so anyway because there's also chatter about a potential backdoor nomination. As I said, there's really no telling where this plan is headed because of how volatile Frenchie has been in just 2 days. Suffice to say, it'll be a fun time to watch the live feeds!

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