Could Loki's Miss Minutes Show Up As A Real Person? Star Tara Strong Reacts To Fan Theory

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Disney+’s Loki has introduced audiences to a number of memorable characters over the course of its run. From Owen Wilson’s bureaucratic and sarcastic Mobius M. Mobius to Sophia di Martino’s charming and deadly Sylvie, there are plenty of new names to love. Another character who’s a bit more distinct from her co-stars is the animated Miss Minutes, voiced by the impeccable Tara Strong. As a virtual presence, the southern-sounding mascot aids the folks at the Time Variance Authority (TVA). But could she actually appear as a real person at some point? Well, Strong is weighing in on the fan theory.

If anything, Miss Minutes has proven to be a very resourceful character, which is why the members of the TVA lean on her so heavily. So the idea of her somehow gaining a human form isn’t absurd or, better yet, a variant form of the character could be a human. Regardless of the circumstances, CinemaBlend’s Nick Venable was curious about the odds of seeing a real Miss Minutes when he spoke with Tara Strong about Loki. Here’s what the veteran voice actress had to say:

I mean, I am. [In Miss Minutes' voice] I mean, don't hesitate to let us know how we're doing. I'm definitely Miss Minutes. I highly recommend she comes on the show later. [Normal voice] But I don't know anything about that. But that would be fun, and I'd say yes.

Based on her delightful response, it would seem Tara Strong is just as in the dark about the possibility as we are. Though for her (and likely many others), Miss Minutes is already as real as the God of Mischief or any other flesh-and-blood beings on the show.

Tara Strong has done plenty of voice acting in her time, as she’s amassed countless credits through a variety of shows, many of which you likely grew up on. However, Loki places her in an interesting situation, as she’s voicing an animated character that regularly interacts with people. During the same interview, she opened up about why she thinks the production team has managed to pull this dynamic off so well:

Absolutely. I think it's super tricky to bring an animated character onto an on-camera series. And to do it well, and to do it flawlessly and seamlessly is extraordinary. You actually buy that she's part of this universe, because so much of the show - and kudos to Kate for designing it this way - is this juxtaposition of very modern technology, but sort of vintage-looking equipment. And she falls right into that. She's drawn like a classic animated character, but then she knows all these things and has powers of some kind. She can sort of jump out of a computer screen and hang out with Loki. I think they've done it seamlessly. It's maybe the best I've seen since Roger Rabbit, and maybe does it better. It's seamless.

Miss Minutes

It is quite amazing to see what the visual effects artists have been able to achieve with Miss Minutes. Also, Tara Strong makes a good point in that what we’re seeing here is essentially a natural progression of what Robert Zemeckis achieved in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?. The 1988 classic is currently available to check out on Disney+, which you can sign up for using this link.

There’s no telling how things might pan out for Miss Minutes by the time Loki reaches its conclusion. But considering how Tara Strong’s orange clock has worked her way into viewers’ hearts, there’s at least a slight chance this won’t be the last we see of her.

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