Is WWE's Becky Lynch Returning To The Ring Following Pregnancy And Marriage To Seth Rollins?

Becky Lynch on Monday Night Raw WWE

Becky Lynch has been the face of the women's division in the WWE for a while, but she's been absent from the brand for some time. "The Man" announced on Monday Night Raw back in May 2020 that she was pregnant with the child of then-boyfriend and now-husband Seth Rollins, and she hasn't been seen in action since. Now, following the birth of her child and that surprise wedding, could Lynch be getting back in the ring soon?

That's what fans are certainly hoping now that it's been reported by Wrestling Inc. that Becky Lynch will be in attendance at the upcoming Money In The Bank pay-per-view set to happen on Sunday, July 18. Her presence hasn't been 100% confirmed, and the WWE has not promoted Lynch to be a part of the matches in any way, just to be clear. If she does attend, it's certainly possible she could be present merely in support of husband Seth Rollins, who will compete at the event.

Becky Lynch hasn't talked about the rumors, and has not directly promoted a return to WWE on her social media, but fans have spotted pictures of her doing gym workouts on the Deadboys Fitness Instagram, which is a workout program co-owned by Seth Rollins. Check out the photo below that definitely could be a sign that Lynch could be getting back into fighting condition for a return to the ring sooner rather than later. Unless she's shaping up for some other project.

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Becky Lynch's return to the ring would be great (and potentially intentional) timing by the WWE, which is set to return to resume its touring schedule with live audiences on a full-time basis, starting with Money In The Bank 2021. It obviously doesn't need to be a full match, either. Lynch could make a surprise entrance in someone else's match unexpectedly, likely disrupting one of the current women's champions. It could totally set up a storyline for a showdown at SummerSlam 2021, which the WWE is placing extra emphasis on this year in the wake of a so-so WrestleMania.

It's worth noting that rumors about Becky Lynch's return earlier this year obviously didn't pan out, as she was also reported to appear backstage at Hell In A Cell. It was even reported that Lynch was slated to return at WrestleMania 37, but plans were allegedly scrapped since Lynch had yet to sign a new contract with the WWE at the time.

While Money In The Bank would be a great time for Lynch to return, it also wouldn't be too surprising to see her emerge at one of the upcoming live shows for Monday Night Raw or SmackDown, in order to boost the TV ratings. As previously mentioned, though, it does feel like her return is imminent if she's ready and is comfortable going back to that lifestyle as a still-new mother. The sooner the better, presumably, since she would have a month to knock off any ring rust for a big match at SummerSlam 2021, and she deserves nothing less. Lynch was one of the WWE's biggest stars before her exit in 2020, so it won't be the least bit surprising if she's immediately moved back to the top of the roster in no time whatsoever.

WWE's Money In The Bank PPV is set to stream on Peacock on Sunday, July 18 at 8:00 p.m. ET. For more happening on the WWE, read up about Omos' first singles match and what audiences thought about it.

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