Good Morning America's Michael Strahan Adorably Shares Daughter's Artwork, And Fans Are Loving It

Michael Strahan's signature smile showing up on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

Many parents believe their children are special individuals who possess amazing talent, and even like to boast about them. And that’s exactly what Good Morning America’s Michael Strahan did for his artist daughter. Strahan put on his super dad cape by adorably sharing his daughter’s artwork with his social media followers.

Being a proud dad, the Good Morning America host took to his Instagram to give his daughter’s artwork some shine. Michael Strahan called on art lovers to visit her website if they were interested in seeing or purchasing more of her art. He reminded followers her artwork is on sale. Check out his sweet Instagram post below:

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There’s nothing more adorable than seeing a parent take pride in their child’s career. Judging by Michael Strahan’s caption, he wanted to make sure his daughter got all the love and profits she deserves for her beautiful work. The GMA host managed to use his celebrity to draw some attention to an artist who may need an extra push. But it wasn’t just Strahan who loved his daughter’s work.

Upon the GMA host posting his daughter’s artwork, fans started showering praise on the beautiful painting. There was one notable person in Michael Strahan’s comment section. His fellow NFL Sunday host Jay Glazer kept his praise short and sweet by writing:

Wow!! Amazing.

Strahan’s daughter got one of the best things an artist can get – praise from another artist. One follower commented on the experimental piece:

Wow from one artist to another.

Apparently, praise wasn’t the only thing Michael Strahan’s daughter got out of the deal. A fan took the NFL Sunday host’s words to heart by paying for a piece from his daughter. The person said:

Michael your talented daughter's Art is so very Beautiful you have a reason to be a Proud Dad. Your children make you Proud going to order this.

But none of the commenters could compare to a certain person’s comment on Michael Strahan’s post. Upon seeing her father’s Instagram post, Michael Strahan’s daughter popped up in his comment section. While she didn’t leave any words, Tanita Strahan did leave two red hearts. She was clearly appreciative of her father not only supporting her career but helping her make money from her work.

The younger Strahan has made her presence as a visual artist well known on social media. She seems to dabble in a little bit of everything, as seen in her Instagram post below:

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Outside of visual art, Tanita Strahan deals with graphic design but with an experimental spin on everyday items. Check out all the ways she broke down a sandal brand below:

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But her real focus lies outside of painting, mixed media, and graphics, as much of her Instagram feed is dedicated to fashion illustration. The illustrations highlight women across different generations, sizes and races as illustrated in the post below:

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At least, Michael Strahan’s post about his daughter wasn’t a prank this time. But it’s nice to see the former NFL star highlighting his family after his lunchtime series ended in 2020 and a rough start to 2021. Maybe his other children will be highlighted on his feed in the future. For more on what's happening on television this year, check out our 2021 Fall TV guide.

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