How John Cena Thinks F9 Co-Star Vin Diesel Would Fare As A WWE Superstar

Jakob Toretto spotting Dom in F9

The history between the WWE and the Fast and Furious franchise runs very deep. From Dwayne Johnson and Ronda Rousey joining the fray in Fast 7 to John Cena playing Dom’s brother in F9, the franchise and WWE have gone well together for obvious reasons. The only question is: can the Fast and Furious stars make the same crossover into professional wrestling? The WWE superstar reveals his thoughts on how F9 co-star Vin Diesel would fare.

Given John Cena’s WWE status, judging Vin Diesel on his wrestling prospects fits in Cena’s wheelhouse. Anyone who’s seen a Fast and Furious fight scene might also vouch for Diesel joining the WWE. But there’s more to professional wrestling than winning fights. The actor-wrestler said to Vice about his F9 co-star’s chances in the WWE:

So, we’re going to start with the easiest one: Vin Diesel. That name already says it all. He literally could be a WWE champion tomorrow. I think you have to have something that sort of encapsulates your persona, or provides the audience with guidance based on first impressions. Vin is in great physical condition, and the way he operates in fights – I would know firsthand! – he’s very forward and he’s got the torque and power of a Diesel truck. So, I honestly think that’s a fitting name. You wouldn’t have to change a thing.

John Cena’s praise of Vin Diesel speaks volumes. As a WWE champion, Cena would know if Diesel could make it as a WWE superstar or not. The actor was correct in stating Diesel’s physique and fighting skills would marry well with the wrestling organization. But according to the WWE superstar, the Bloodshot star isn’t the only one who’s ready to wrestle.

Dom Toretto ready for action after barely escaping death in F9

John Cena went on to align his WWE experience with joining the Fast and Furious franchise. Regarding the F9 cast, the WWE superstar compared the hit franchise’s teamwork and success to that of the entertainment organization.

The whole cast of F9 are kind of like WWE superstars in their own right. The movie is kind of built for that, and I think that’s one of the interesting things about the franchise. You look at both entities – WWE being globally successful and Fast & Furious being globally successful – they kind of stick to their core but aren’t afraid to expand. They’re very similar.

As Cena pointed out, the F9 cast’s teamwork and inclusiveness would make them prime candidates for recruitment into the WWE. Maybe one day, WWE and Fast and Furious fans will finally see that crossover happen. Until that day comes, you can check out F9 currently in theaters. As for some television options now and in the not-too-distant future, our 2021 summer premiere schedule can help you out.

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