Wow, Harrison Ford Really Tried On A Lot Of Hats To Find The Perfect Look For 1923

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The Yellowstone franchise has continued to expand and delight fans with more tales of the Dutton family across different time periods. Another new prequel series, 1923, debuted for those with a Paramount+ subscription on December 18, and while there were tons of Dutton reveals and highlights from the premiere, I can only assume that anyone with a love of historical dramas really, really enjoyed just looking at all of the period details, including the wardrobe choices for each character. While you were marveling over the lacy collars and cowboy duds, you probably noticed the sheer abundance of hats on display, and it turns out that star Harrison Ford tried on a lot of headwear so that they could find the perfect chapeau for him.

How Many Hats Did Harrison Ford Try On For 1923’s Jacob Dutton?

Obviously, clothing is often a very important thing when bringing characters to life. Actors often talk about how doing things like finding the right shoes or other signature clothes or accessories for their characters can frequently help them nail a certain aspect of whomever they’re portraying, and it turns out that getting just the right hat for 1923 cast member Ford to wear as the Dutton patriarch was a very big deal. As the show’s costume designer, Janie Bryant, explained to Variety, the star of the upcoming Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny tried on a whopping 75 hats! She explained:

It’s all about his hat. We made so many for him. All the different colors — trying the different creases, the different brims, the different crown heights. It was definitely a process. Taylor [Sheridan] is also very specific about the kind of hat that he likes, too. There was a lot of collaboration with Taylor, with Harrison and myself to create what I call the ‘Jacob.'

Alright, I, myself, am a serious hat lover, but 75 is kind of an insane number to try on! I might have actually tried on that many hats during my whole life up to this point, as opposed to only doing it over say, a few weeks or months like Ford probably did. But, we can likely say that this sort of intense attention to detail is exactly what leads to Taylor Sheridan’s many shows and movies being both so good and so popular among so many people. Maybe we should all use “am willing to try on 75 hats” as a fictional measurement for how badly we want to do something in life, and our commitment to doing it right.

As Bryant noted, even among people who lived the ranching life, there weren’t going to be just two or three types of hat to choose from, especially considering that most of those folks would be in them day in and day out until the things simply disintegrated off of their heads from being worn so much. You had to have just the right one, so taking a number of factors into account (and clearly in many different combinations) makes sense when it came time for the three of them to choose what Jacob would sport throughout the series.

It sounds like everyone might already be eager for one more season of 1923, but until an official announcement is made, you can stick with Season 1 as it airs new episodes every Sunday on Paramount+, and see how Jacob’s hat game is working out for him.

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