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LeVar Burton Watching LeVar Burton During His First Week Of Jeopardy Is Classic LeVar Burton

LeVar Burton talking about his love for Jeopardy before his debut

LeVar Burton’s Jeopardy! guest host stint has been one of television’s most anticipated events. Watching the birth of a fan petition blossom into Burton quizzing the contestants has been a bright spot in 2021. While his fans have been in awe, his loved ones have kept him humble about the whole experience. And one of the ways they've done this is by showing off his reaction to his Jeopardy! debut. And believe me when I say that watching LeVar Burton watch himself during his first week is classic LeVar Burton.

Having a relative experience such a big moment would be exciting for anyone’s family, though some clans can express their pride in other ways. The LeVar Burton's wife decided to serve her husband a slice of humble pie when it came to his Jeopardy! debut, for instance. There’s nothing like your significant other being real with you, even in your biggest moments, but his offspring took his guest stint in another direction.

LeVar Burton’s daughter, Mica, found a great way to commemorate the occasion. She shared a recent TikTok post (via her Twitter account), which showed her father’s fans that the Star Trek alum is just like the rest of us. While chronicling her father's genuine reaction to watching his game show hosting debut, she can be heard saying “he is here, and he is here.” To see Burton’s reaction to his Jeopardy! debut, check out the post below:

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Like any parent, LeVar Burton was, of course, annoyed by his daughter’s trolling. But honestly, he seemed to be so mesmerized by his debut that you would think he was studying the episode for notes. Of course, Burton would want to study his episodes in preparation for possible permanent hosting duties (if he were to land the job). Regardless of how he reacted though, it's a safe bet that Mica Burton was going to poke fun at him anyway. But of course, It’s just her way of showing her love and admiration for her father.

It wouldn't be surprising if LeVar Burton was indeed thinking ahead to the future while watching his first episode. After all, he has already stated his belief that the Jeopardy! hosting gig would be a natural progression in his career. Considering that he's been an education and literacy advocate, Burton would be a great fit for Jeopardy!, and it would be nice to get to see him on TV regularly again following his lengthy Reading Rainbow tenure. He even has the backing of his Star Trek family and other celebrities. Hopefully, watching the episodes will be of some help to the actor because, if he does get the permanent job, he'll want to avoid the kinds of flubs made by certain contestants.

At this point it remains to be seen whether LeVar Burton's campaign paid off, so we'll just have to wait for the producers to make their official announcement. Unfortunately, Burton’s Jeopardy! guest stint ended on July 30, but fans can still be excited for next week’s episodes. CNBC host David Faber will be the guest host from Aug. 2-6, with sports Fox sportscaster Joe Buck hosting from Aug. 9-13.

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