catwoman talking to harley on hbo max's harley quinn

Whenever DC fans have been vocally up in arms in recent years, many of the instances revolved around rumors, allegations and demands tied to Warner Bros. restoring Zack Snyder's Justice League cut. But an unexpected backlash came about after one of Harley Quinn's TV series creators revealed that DC execs put the kibosh on an animated scene that would depict Batman performing oral sex on Catwoman, with the company's stance being that it's hard to sell merch for a hero character that munches down on villainous delights. Now, Catwoman voice actress Sanaa Lathan has spoken out about the decision.

Barring a full-on agreement with DC bosses, just about anything Sanaa Lathan could have said would have been celebrated by fans, but her response truly is a pitch-perfect reaction that Catwoman herself would no doubt approve. Here's how the actress put it to ET:

Catwoman doesn’t worry about what she wants to do. If she wants that from a man, she’s going to get it.

You hear that, comic book company gods?!? If Sanaa Lathan's Selina Kyle wants her cat-nipped, she's going to make that happen, and the only answer she'll be open to is a Kite Man-friendly "Hell yeah!" (Although we can't speak directly to how she would feel about other animals being involved.)

Considering how gleefully foul and filthy HBO Max's Harley Quinn is, with Big Bang Theory vet Kaley Cuoco gamefully spearheading all of the explicit adventures, it wouldn't have been out of place in the slightest to see Batman (or even just Bruce Wayne out of the cowl) going down on Catwoman. After all, Cuoco's Harley is in a romantic and physical relationship with Lake Bell's Poison Ivy, so the show isn't adamant about excising ALL sexual content. Just stuff that involves highly marketable heroes whose LEGO sets might not sell as well if fans know he's into cunnilingus, I guess. Or something like that. I still don't quite understand the reasoning there.

With Sanaa Lathan now having spoken out about her own feelings for Catwoman's sexual desires, can fans hope to see some 69-flavored action between her and Batman in Harley Quinn Season 3? Almost definitely not. DC bigwigs might be cool with bringing in darker storytelling with Joe Hill's comic line and just about everything James Tynion IV and Tom King are writing, but oral sex is unfortunately still considered overly taboo for certain properties, even when it's not live-action. Well at least it's taboo when Batman does it. Maybe executive producer Justin Halpern and the rest of the creative team will give Catwoman some pleasure via a villainous character's tongue and lips.

Harley Quinn Season 3 will debut on HBO Max at some point in the future. Keep an ear out for any release dates, and stay current with our 2021 Fall TV schedule to see what new and returning shows are heading to the small screen soon.

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