Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City's Mary Cosby Responds After Being Charged With Unlawfully Sheltering A Minor

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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City concluded its dramatic and fascinating freshman season earlier this year. To its credit, the main cast was comprised mostly of savvy female entrepreneurs. But there was a lot of miscommunication and confusion, namely over Mary Cosby awkwardly having to explain exactly how she married her step-grandfather and why she didn't like co-star Jen Shah's supposed “hospital smell.” Well, as it turns out, the Pentecostal First Lady of Salt Lake City has since been hit with charges that stem from unlawfully sheltering a minor and, now, the reality star is responding to the allegations.

The misdemeanor charges against Real Housewives of Salt Lake City's Mary Cosby include unlawfully providing shelter to a runaway, as well as contributing to the delinquency of a minor. But apparently, this happened some time ago, with E! News reporting that the incident itself took place on April 8 and that Cosby ultimately plead not guilty to the charges on June 28. Cosby's representative recently said in a statement:

Mary is saddened that she was dragged into another family's domestic situation but is confident that this misunderstanding will be cleared up soon.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City was reportedly filming for the second season around the time Mary Cosby was charged. The particulars of what transpired remain unreported, so it's unclear as to whether Cosby will address the issue on the show. So far, her co-star, Heather Gay, has only shared that the upcoming season is “all the five horsemen of drama.”

The first season of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City itself was already pretty bonkers, as accusations of open marriages and racism flew non-stop. But Season 2 is likely to be even more of a doozy given recent developments. Mary Cosby’s co-star and nemesis on the show Jen Shah was arrested on fraud charges in March, and the Bravo cameras reportedly got it all on camera and continued to follow her journey after she plead not guilty. Most recently, the legal teams involved in the federal case have taken to a heated back-and-forth about supposed prejudicial statements against Shah being made public.

Something must be in the air, too, because the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City isn’t the only spin-off in the franchise with legal troubles this year. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Erika Jayne has been embroiled in her soon-to-be ex-husband's embezzlement lawsuits. She has, in fact, been accused by the prosecutor of the Chapter 7 bankruptcy case of owing victims close to $25 million worth of hidden assets. In a recent episode, an explosive argument between Erika Jayne and a producer was apparently edited out concerning the sharing details on her marriage.

The woes of these Real Housewives are undoubtedly serious. Hopefully, time will reveal more of the truth behind what's going on. Mary Cosby’s next court appearance is set for August 12.

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