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Chris Pratt And Tim McGraw Have A Sweet Exchange As Country Singer Joins Yellowstone's 1883 Prequel

It's been quite the fun week for country music superstar Tim McGraw. First, his latest single from his album Here on Earth, titled "7500 OBO," was officially released on the radio, with a hyped-up music video on the way. After that, McGraw and wife Faith Hill were among the first cast members announced for Yellowstone's upcoming prequel spinoff 1883. And then McGraw sparked an adorbs exchange with Tomorrow War star Chris Pratt by shedding new light on a hilarious anecdote Pratt shared in years past. Somebody put these gents in a room together and film it already.

A day or so after the Yellowstone spinoff casting went public, Tim McGraw took to Instagram to reflect on a story Chris Pratt shared on Late Night with Seth Meyers back in 2017, relaying the time when Pratt met McGraw at the Oscars and shared a little too much information. In the video below, you can watch the Grammy winner chuckling along before he clears up a detail or two.

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It certainly would have been understandable if Tim McGraw had been a little taken aback by Chris Pratt so quickly sharing that he was wearing McGraw's cologne line Southern Blend. (I suppose it would have been worse if Pratt asked McGraw to guess what scent he was wearing, but still.) McGraw clearly thought the whole thing was amusing in retrospect, and he made it sound as if the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise star was a little too self-conscious and self-deprecating in the moment. Not only was the singer aware of who Pratt was, but he has been a big fan of Pratt's, so their meeting wasn't just a one-way deluge of fandom.

After seeing Tim McGraw's clip, Chris Pratt took to his own account to comment via Instagram Stories, where he also got pumped up for more Yellowstone.

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It's probably too early (or too "something else") to start clamoring for Chris Pratt to join the Yellowstone universe for the 1883 prequel, but it definitely wouldn't hurt. Both Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have received lots of excited responses to the news that they will portray James and Margaret Dutton, the great-grandparents of Kevin Costner's John Dutton, and the ones who first settle into the ranch that becomes the family's expansive legacy in Montana. The settler group they'll be part of will be headed up by a character portrayed by the cowboy-friendly legend Sam Elliott, with more cast members yet to be announced. And if Pratt is among those cast members, let me reiterate that would be a perfectly fine thing to do.

For now, Yellowstone's 1883 prequel doesn't yet have a release window set, but we do know that Yellowstone Season 4 will finally debut this fall, and fans will at last learn how all of the Dutton family members fared after those attacks in the Season 3 finale.

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