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It's Not Tom Cruise, But Anne Rice's Interview With The Vampire TV Show Has Found Its Lestat

Lestat in Interview with a Vampire

So many classic films and novels are being turned into television series in the streaming era. Some are warranted while others are a little questionable. The former is the case for the television adaptation of the classic Anne Rice novel Interview with the Vampire. Unlike the popular 1994 film adaptation, neither Brad Pitt nor Tom Cruise is set to return. So, the television series is moving forward with a new actor playing beloved antihero Lestat.

According to Deadline, the Interview with the Vampire television series will see The Hunting’s Sam Reid portraying the character. The upcoming series’ network home AMC has already ordered eight episodes for the first season, which is set to begin production in late 2021. The show will premiere on the network and streaming platform AMC+ in 2022. There’s been no word on who will take over the roles of Louis, Armand or Santiago in this latest adaptation.

While no other casting news was announced, Perry Mason showrunner Rolin Jones will serve in the same capacity for Interview with the Vampire. Jones will also serve as creator, writer and executive producer on the television reboot. Anna Rice, her son Christopher Rice and Better Call Saul producer Mark Johnson will serve as executive producers along with Jones.

Sam Reid in Lambs of God

The television series has plenty of power behind it. The casting of Sam Reid as beloved Lestat shouldn’t scare Interview with the Vampire diehards. Reid’s acting resume has built up to this moment. The actor has dealt with many period-themed projects, including Belle, Hatfields and McCoys, The Astronaut Wives Club and The Drover’s Wife. So, Reid is more than capable of handling the heavy themes associated with the classic novel.

This latest development marked a great progressive milestone for the television series, which was announced in June, according to Deadline. AMC gave the Interview with the Vampire reboot a straight-to-series order after acquiring the rights to 18 of Anne Rice’s books. This book along with others will be developed into projects under the guidance of Mark Johnson. Given Johnson’s track record at AMC, fans might be in for an interesting take on Lestat and his family of kindred souls.

But the television adaptation of the classic novel has a lot to live up to. Interview with the Vampire was already a beloved best-selling novel with a strong fanbase before the 1994 film was made. The 1994 blockbuster took the novel's popularity to another level with the star power of Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Antonio Banderas and introducing Kirsten Dunst to the world. It ended up being a pop culture moment, scoring $224 million at the box office and favorable reviews. Certain scenes and lines are still referenced to this day.

Hopefully, Sam Reid will be able to bring a new twist to such a beloved character. But if you want to relive Tom Cruise as Lestat, you can watch Interview with the Vampire on Prime Video.

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