As SEAL Team Cast Gets Back To Work, Star Has Fans Excited For New Season On Paramount Plus

Justin Melnick as Brock Reynolds in SEAL Team.

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CBS’ military drama SEAL Team is gearing up for its fifth season, which will see the series move from the network to streaming service Paramount+. Star Justin Melnick is getting fans excited for what’s to come in the upcoming set of episodes as filming continues.

Justin Melnick, who plays Brock Reynolds on the CBS series, went on Instagram recently to tell fans that Season 5 will “be here before you know it.” Plenty of fans commented their excitement for the new season, and the never-ending possibilities that await the Bravo Team. With the move to Paramount+ after the first five episodes of the season, SEAL Team will potentially have much more leg room to tell more authentic stories about the brave men and women who fight for our country, and can even include much more uncensored talks. Something that one fan is really excited about, commenting on the post,

I think the move to Paramount will be great! You guys can swear! I think being a seal would be a very sweary profession!

While paying for yet another streaming service just to watch your favorite shows does seem like a steep hill, it just shows how streaming is taking over. Some people already have to pay extra to watch something, so why not pay a little extra to watch SEAL Team? One fan brought up a good point:

My favorite show. I informed my husband that if we can pay a little extra for him to watch NFL Redzone I’m 100% getting to watch my #sealteam.

Even though most fans are pretty excited about the new season, some are still feeling hurt over one storyline from the end of Season 4. Scott Foxx’s Full Metal had a heartbreaking death in the finale following a raid. Foxx is a real life SEAL veteran and serves as one of the show’s military advisors. His death will likely be brought up throughout Season 5 and it will still hurt. Although one fan is excited for the new season, they are understandably disappointed they won’t be seeing one of their favorites anymore:

Looking forward to it. It’s too bad Full Metal won’t be around though. Liked his character and the fact that he was an actual SEAL.

All in all, it’s safe to say at least the majority of fans are still very much excited for Season 5 of SEAL Team, despite the fact that it will be moving to Paramount+. If the fans stuck with the show for this long and held on hope that it would be renewed, they will likely stay with the series once it’s officially off CBS:

It's the only show I watch any more... and have time to watch. I love it and can't wait for season 5! seriously the best show I've watched.

SEAL Team’s move to Paramount+ will hopefully do well for the show. The fact that CBS opted to move it to streaming rather than full-on cancel it shows that they still care for the series enough to find a new home. Perhaps this move could serve as a good thing, and it looks like most fans are looking forward to what will come next for Bravo.

Season 5 of SEAL Team premieres Sunday, October 10 on CBS!

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