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After Yellowstone Posted A John And Kayce Video, Fans Had The Same Jokes

kevin costner's john dutton in yellowstone season 3 finale
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Yellowstone and Paramount Network aren't quite used to making it all the way through a summer TV season without being able to promote new episodes willy nilly, though that's the case this year, with Season 4 having been pushed back to a Fall TV debut. To be expected, fans have not been very happy or patient about the extended wait for new episodes, and that discontent continues to make itself present through Yellowstone's social media posts, with the most recently shared video clip featuring Kevin Costner's John and Luke Grimes' Kayce inspiring quite a few fans to share the same joke.

Without any trailers or new footage to share with fans, Yellowstone's Instagram page has been busy posting throwback clips and quote compilations celebrating the characters. And the latest clip was a moment from the Season 3 finale, ahead of all the shit hitting all the fans, with John and Kayce sharing a quiet, meaningful moment together that doesn't come about all that often on this show. And while there were definitely plenty of fans whose comments were genuinely sentimental, more than a few reactions took aim at the post's caption, seen below:

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If you thought Yellowstone fans were going to intentionally avoid such a large and easy bullseye, you're as loony as Josh Holloway's Roarke. Here's a handful of the responses that popped up in the comments after the video went up.

It hurts that we still don’t have season 4It still hurts we don’t have a release date for season 4Doesn’t hurt as much as the wait for the new seasonWhat really hurts, is we have no exact date, for season 4what really hurts is waiting this long for season 4

There are only so many rimshots to be passed around for those jokes, people! We've got to be more frugal about these things! But at least these fans ran with the idea of mirroring the post's caption back in their comments. There were arguably more fans who chimed in with far less clever options such as "I need Season 4 now!" But hey, everybody gets points for enthusiasm.

Of course, if we're being honest with each other, this is hardly new behavior for Yellowstone fans, who have been clamoring for Season 4 news more or less since the minute Season 3 ended last year. The show's previous Instagram post featured a gorgeous photo with the message "Always thinking about the beauty of the ranch," and wouldn't you know one of the top comments was:

Always thinking of a new season release date.

So this should be a fun and endlessly imaginative cycle to witness as we wait for Paramount Network to offer up some more concrete news about when Season 4 will arrive. Until then, there's always the "is Jamie awful or not?" debate to keep everyone busy.

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