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WWE's Ric Flair Has Perfect Response For Fans Thinking It's Him In Viral Oral Sex Pic

Ric Flair looking ashamed WWE

Ric Flair is a free man after the WWE released him from his contract, but perhaps not quite as free-living as some fans apparently thought he was. The wrestler was a trending topic on Twitter following a NSFW picture that many alleged to be Flair, and the comments got so rampant The Nature Boy had to speak out.

For those who haven't seen the photo, the picture in question featured a man and a woman on a train. The woman was on the seat of the train, nude from the waist down and legs up in the air. Anything graphic was covered by a man's head, which was between the woman's legs and appeared he was in the midst of performing oral sex. The man in the picture's hair was white and slicked back, which led many to the conclusion he could only be Ric Flair.

Ric Flair has professed to be a limousine-riding, jet-flying, and kiss-stealing son of a gun, but he's not claiming responsibility for the viral picture. The legendary wrestler took to social media and hilariously responded to the accusation that he got down and dirty in public on a train.

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It wasn't immediately clear what other photo was floating around that Ric Flair disputed the legitimacy of, but I think some fans are better off not knowing. Of course, wrestling fans aren't quite as convinced that Flair isn't the man in the picture, likely because the meme isn't as funny if it's just some random older gentleman with slicked-back hair.

It also doesn't help that Ric Flair's main gimmick for decades is that he was this womanizer who did whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted. The train picture certainly falls in line with the Ric Flair persona, but obviously, the character is different (even if the difference is slight in some cases) than the man. Ric Flair has tried to put his past persona behind him and even recently admitted he was uncomfortable when the WWE utilized that persona in a storyline months before his requested release.

Ric Flair's future in wrestling is still up in the air, though he did recently make an appearance at AAA's Triplemanía. There has been lots of speculation that Flair would be one of the many former WWE wrestlers to join rising competitor AEW, which wouldn't be at all surprising given Flair has joined popular WWE competitors in the past. The only thing I feel certain of is that the pro wrestler may try to steer clear of trains for a while, even if he wasn't the man in the viral photo.

It's going to be a big weekend for wrestling as major events are set for the WWE and AEW this weekend. For more on WWE, read up on the latest about SummerSlam and one of the major stars appearing that just got blasted by a former colleague for a past incident.

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