A-Rod Takes The High Road When Asked About His Break-Up With JLo

Alex Rodriguez on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon screenshot

Jennifer Lopez may have moved on from her engagement with Alex Rodriguez to rekindle a romance with Ben Affleck, but A-Rod has still been in the news adjacent to his ex thanks to some interesting personal life choices and even a funny retort when he wasn’t invited to a party she attended. Now, he’s speaking out about his engagement ending, and choosing to take the high road about the whole matter.

Alex Rodriguez was doing the rounds to promote his Presidente beer line this week, but of course his fans are still interested in what happened between the former MLB player and the Hustlers star. He said he’s spent the months since his split focusing on family, but also was pretty kind about what happened leading to the end of his engagement, telling ET he believes “everything happens for a reason.”

Everything happens for a reason. All of those things that have happened, I think I have done a good job at learning from my lessons and then applying them in the future. So like I said, no regrets.

The months before Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez officially called it quits were fraught with rumors that the couple was headed to splitsville. At one point, JLo was filming her new movie (the one that was supposed to star Armie Hammer before his sex cannibal text scandal) and the entrepreneur popped down to the Dominican Republic to visit her. The move was seen as an effort to work things out. That didn’t happen, and the couple announced they were calling it quits in April of this year.

Rodriguez has seemingly had this attitude all along, as an insider quoted him as focusing on himself and his family shortly after Bennifer got back together. However, now A-Rod himself is openly sharing his feelings about the break-up and where he's at personally.

These days, the MLB star is doubling down on family time with "breakfast club" Saturdays, in which he spends 90 minutes in the morning just hanging with his daughters in the mornings. He also says he’s “grateful” for the events of the past year, which despite his major break-up allowed him time to slim down and spend more time with his girls.

I think things happen. And I think what happens is, people don't focus on all the positive. Like whatever has happened over the last year, I'm so grateful for it. I had five years of an incredible life and partnership. And also with my daughters, we learned so much. Now we have the opportunity to take that, move forward and say, 'You know what? We're so grateful for the last five years, how do we make the next five years better because of lessons learned?'

At the end of the day, the pieces that feel into place may not have been what Alex Rodriguez expected; however, he seems pretty happy with how things panned out. Although, I wish someone had asked him how he and JLo ended up yachting in basically the same locale at the same time for their respective birthdays.

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