How Alex Rodriguez Allegedly Feels About JLo Spending Time With Ben Affleck After Their Breakup

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For a long time, the Internet loved to jokingly refer to Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez as “Mom and Dad.” That was, I guess, until Ben Affleck re-entered the picture, prompting a wave of early aughts nostalgia for low rise jeans and the iconic Bennifer relationship. JLo and Affleck were, indeed, spotted together only weeks after her breakup from A-Rod. So how is Dad feeling about his ex-fiancé hanging out with her (other) ex-fiancé?

Per their joint breakup statement, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez supposedly came to the mutual decision that they should just be friends. This could very well be true, but A-Rod seeing his ex with her ex might also engender some kind of emotion or reaction, one would imagine. According to a source for Page Six though, this is not the case. A source said:

Alex is doing fine. He’s been spending time with his family and concentrating on the Timberwolves deal. He’s concentrating on his kids and the team. That’s it.

Alex Rodriguez very well could be just “fine” after hearing about Jennifer Lopez reconnect with Ben Affleck on a supposed romantic getaway to Montana. Prior to their split, A-Rod and JLo had been on a rocky road in their relationship for months. A-Rod was also accused of cheating with a Southern Charm star, which was denied at the time. But the situation was closely followed by a whirlwind of events: a brief breakup, video of JLo’s kid crying, and then the two seemingly back together as JLo filmed her latest movie Shotgun Wedding in the Dominican Republic.

While A-Rod is “fine” about Bennifer 2.0, the rest of the world seems to be incredibly hyped. Everyone from Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence to Ben Affleck’s best friend Matt Damon, who said “that would be awesome,” has been enthused by the prospect of JLo and Affleck getting back together.

Recently, even the Boston Red Sox joined in the merriment over JLo and Ben Affleck being evidently back together. The team posted a video to its TikTok account, lovingly saying they “missed” JLo at their games. Likely though, it was a wink and a nod at Alex Rodriguez, who played for the Sox’s rival team, the New York Yankees.

As a matter of fact, Alex Rodriguez first started the exchange of jabs with the Boston Red Sox over JLo. When asked last week what he thought about JLo and Ben Affleck together, A-Rod only said, “Go Yankees.” Many took the one-liner as a jab at Affleck, who is a notorious Red Sox fan. But if A-Rod is really “fine” with the prospect of Ben and Jen, then likely the “Go Yankees” line was a way to prevent real drama.

JLo is now finished filming Shotgun Wedding, which oddly enough, is about an engaged couple on the verge of breaking up. While it remains to be seen how things play out for that movie couple, it would seem that Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have indeed moved on.

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