Dog The Bounty Hunter's Daughter Claims Racist Comments Are Behind Cancelled TV Show And Wedding Invite Mess

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For years, Duane Chapman, better known to the general public as Dog the Bounty Hunter, was a staple of reality TV. However, in recent years, Chapman has seemingly experienced a number of problems, both professional and personal. The latter category has been a particularly hot topic as of late, as Chapman is seemingly estranged from some of his kids. Now, following the recent cancellation of his most recent TV venture, Chapman’s daughter is claiming the project was canned due to derogatory comments he allegedly made. She also says the supposed statements tie into why she didn’t receive an invite to his upcoming wedding.

Dog the Bounty Hunter was preparing to return to the reality TV game with Dog Unleashed, a new series that was made with Unleashed Entertainment. However, the series was cancelled before it even aired, as Unleashed claimed the star had breached his contract. Shortly after, the network even filed suit against CBD Global Sciences, a company that partnered with Dog, for allegedly using the show’s marketing materials to earn “ill-gotten” profits.

But Bonnie Chapman, Dog the Bounty Hunter’s daughter with late wife Beth Chapman, alleges that there’s more to her father’s dismissal from Unleashed. The younger Chapman tells TMZ that her father allegedly used racist and homophobic slurs, which reportedly led Unleashed to effectively stop doing business with him.

Bonnie Chapman actually still works with Unleashed as a contributor for a show called The System, which focuses on social issues like racial justice. Chapman reportedly says that her work with the show has caused a rift in her relationship with her dad and is the reason she has not been invited to his wedding.

TMZ also reports that Dog the Bounty Hunter says his daughter’s claims are “false” and that they’re allegedly meant to disrupt his wedding plans with latest fiancée Francie Frane. Bonnie Chapman also shared an alleged text from Frane, in which her father’s bride to be seemingly took her to task for her work with the network. Part of the lengthy text reads:

[L]et's not beat around the bush, You & Cecily both know You haven't been invited to the wedding because your (sic) living under the same roof with people who stabbed [him], robbed, lied, manipulated, smeared his name and tried to ruin his career.

Bonnie Chapman’s sister, Cecily, has also been candid about her relationship with Dog the Bounty Hunter. The young woman recently cancelled her own wedding plans for personal reasons but, based on her public feud with her father, it would seem that he wouldn’t have been in attendance regardless.

At the moment, Bonnie Chapman reportedly intends to continue her work with Unleashed, stating that it honors the legacy of her mother. Meanwhile, Dog the Bounty Hunter has asked for people to “please pray” for his daughters, as he seemingly believes outside entities have a “hold” on them. It seems to be a tense family situation, one that may take a while to mend.

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