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Chaos Struck Ahead Of Jake Paul Fight After Tyron Woodley's Mom Went Off On A Dude

Internet star-turned-boxer Jake Paul is set to square off against UFC vet Tyron Woodley on August 29, but it looked like the two fighters could come to blows much sooner when an altercation derailed the Thursday press conference hyping up the Showtime event's fight card. Chaos erupted in the crowd when Tyron Woodley's own mother got into it with a man in the audience believed to be a part of Paul's fight camp.

The details of the incident aren't entirely known at the time of writing, but cameras were all on Tyron Woodley's mom Deborah Woodley after she demanded an apology from an assumed member of Jake Paul's fight camp. Though it's unknown what was said to incite the hilariously brutal response, it was apparently offensive enough that tensions quickly rose everywhere else in the room. Check out a video of the incident below.

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Security quickly cleared the room, as a super-heated Tyron Woodley was ready to take on the person in the audience who he believed disrespected his mother, and basically anybody else who had the same amount of gumption. The fighter was ramped up upon exiting the room, and went ahead and called out someone else in Jake Paul's camp for the incident. Woodley definitely seemed in better control of his emotions than in the moment, though not by much.

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The moment was a bit of added drama to the event, which will be yet another storyline for fans to chew on heading into Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley's boxing match. Woodley will look to silence Paul's assertion that he's a legitimate boxer, and Paul will look to rack up yet another notable win against an athlete that many fans would consider a more notable competitor than some of Paul's previous professional opponents.

Jake Paul and his brother Logan's run in the boxing world has been controversial, and incidents like the one that happened with Deborah Woodley play a part in that. The younger Paul sibling was also involved in a scuffle with Floyd Mayweather during his brother's press conference, which temporarily got him banned from the fight, though he was ultimately in the audience when the big event rolled around.

All of that being said, it does feel a little convenient that once again something controversial happened involving Jake Paul at a press conference ahead of a big fight. If this were the WWE, it would be natural to assume a big old calamity would take place that would grab headlines and get audiences that much more excited for the pay-per-view match. I won't suggest Deborah Woodley or the member of Jake Paul's camp intentionally caused a scuffle at the press conference to drum up attention, but drama does seem to be a big part of the Paul brothers' brand. Intentional or not, the incident was certainly effective in getting the attention of many just days before the fight.

Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley will square off on Showtime PPV Sunday, August 29th at 8:00 p.m. ET. Who do you think will win the bout? Sound off in our poll below and let us know!

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