The Talk Is Losing Its Third Host Already In 2021


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The Talk has enjoyed a long run on CBS going all the way back to 2010. That said, the show hasn't held onto the same cast of cohosts for all of those years, and now The Talk is losing another who will make the third host to leave over the course of one year. Elaine Welteroth won't return when The Talk kicks off its twelfth season this month.

Elaine Welteroth's departure comes in a year that saw Sharon Osbourne ousted after making some controversial comments, and the more recent announcement from Carrie Ann Inaba that she was done at the show as well. Deadline reports that Welteroth decided to leave The Talk so she can focus on other projects she has in the works. The show is expected to find a permanent cohost to replace her, and is looking for a person of color.

The goal is reportedly for this to all be in place by the time The Talk Season 12 premieres, which could be a tall order. The new season is scheduled to start on September 13 – less than two weeks. Elaine Welteroth was one of the newest additions to The Talk, as she became a full-time cohost back in January 2021 along with Amanda Kloots to fill the slots left vacant by Eve and Marie Osmond.

Amanda Kloots is remaining at The Talk, along with Sheryl Underwood, who has had a presence on the show since way back in its second season. Jerry O'Connell is the most recent addition, as he joined the show following the departure of Sharon Osbourne. Elaine Welteroth's departure means big change is still happening at The Talk, but it's worth noting that none of the three cohosts to leave in 2021 did so for the same reason.

Sharon Osbourne abruptly left The Talk after the controversy regarding allegations of racism rose to a fever pitch. Osbourne was the only remaining cohost who had been around from the very beginning at the time of her exit, as Julie Chen and Sara Gilbert left seasons before. For her part, Carrie Ann Inaba took what was previously billed as a leave of absence from the show back in April, and it was only recently that she revealed she won't be back to The Talk. (She is, however, returning to Dancing with the Stars.)

When it comes to Elaine Welteroth, it seems there is no bad blood that led to her departure from CBS' end. In a statement following the news of Welteroth's departure going public, executive producers Heather Grey and Kristin Matthews expressed gratitude for "her passion, enthusiasm, and insight," and admiration for her "openness and meaningful conversations." As for Welteroth, she addressed her departure in a statement of her own, saying:

I came to The Talk to break out of my own echo chamber and to join a diverse cast in helping to bridge some of the divides in our world through conversation and empathy. I’m proud of how I represented myself and my community. But as I always say: when the music changes, so must your dance! I will miss my talented co-hosts and crew and I wish them the very best. Thanks to all those who tuned in every day. I’m excited to continue these necessary conversations in my work and to share my upcoming creative projects soon.

What exactly The Talk will look like without Elaine Welteroth remains to be seen; she was a full-time part of the show for less than a year, so losing her will presumably pack less of a punch than if Sheryl Underwood was the one leaving. I for one am curious about how the show will replace her in time for Season 12 to begin, if they pull it off. For now, only time will tell.

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