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Sara Gilbert finally bid farewell to The Talk, but not without some tearful farewells. The show’s creator and original co-host announced that she would be leaving back in April. Goodbyes are never easy, and Gilbert took a special moment to say an emotional one to Sharon Osbourne. Check out Gilbert’s farewell below:

Not goodbye, but see you later. That seems to be one of the significant takeaways from Sara Gilbert’s goodbye to The Talk. Created by Gilbert, the chatfest premiered nearly a decade ago in October 2010. Next year, the show will celebrate its 10th anniversary. Hopefully Gilbert will make her way back for that.

Sharon Osbourne and Sara Gilbert had been on The Talk together since day one. In the video, Gilbert talks about trying to find the words to exit the show. Gilbert announced she would tell a story. Spoken from the heart, she recounted an anecdote from very early in The Talk involving Osbourne.

After asking Sharon Osbourne’s advice on how to “do this,” Osbourne told Sara Gilbert to “just be yourself.” Wise words. From the sound of things, Gilbert and Osbourne have gone on to share many highs and lows together. Even though their time co-hosting the show is over, Gilbert vowed this is “not a goodbye,” saying they would remain in each other’s lives.

Sharon Osbourne was clearly moved. Her face was also wet from tears during Sara Gilbert’s emotional goodbye to her good friend and fellow co-host. Gilbert’s exit marks a huge turning point for The Talk.

Sharon Osbourne will be the only Season 1 host left. Osbourne, Sara Gilbert, and Julie Chen were the sole original hosts to continue past The Talk’s first season. Chen announced her exit from the show in the fall of 2018, leaving the show in Season 8. She had an emotional farewell on her last day.

At the time she announced her exit, Sara Gilbert explained why she had made the decision to leave. While speaking highly of the show’s hosts and staff, Gilbert talked about not being able to spend as much time with her three kids. Or find time for herself following a busy career schedule, as well as wanting to focus on her thriving career.

The Talk has already found Sara Gilbert’s replacement. Marie Osmond will take Gilbert’s place at the roundtable. She will make her full-time debut when Season 10 premieres this fall. As for Gilbert, television will remain a friendly place for the familiar face.

The Conners will be back this fall for a second season on ABC. It got renewed the month before Sara Gilbert announced her departure from The Talk. Following her decision to leave the CBS talk show, word came that Gilbert would be heading to a popular Netflix show. So, she will remain a steady presence on television screens.

Continue to watch The Talk when new episodes air weekdays at 2 p.m. ET on CBS. You can watch Sara Gilbert on the second season of The Conners after this summer’s premieres. Season 2 premieres Tuesday, September 24 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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