Big Brother 23 Spoilers: Who Will Probably Be Evicted Week 8

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Warning! The following contains spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds as of Wednesday, September 1st. Read at your own risk!

Big Brother Season 23 has entered the final stretch, and the next couple of weeks will give us a good idea of who in the house currently actually has a legitimate chance to win $750,000. Of course, someone currently in the house will have their fate decided sooner rather than later, as either Kyland Young or Sarah Beth Steagall is headed to the jury house on Thursday.

Claire Rehfuss stole the Head of Household from Tiffany Mitchell with the Coin of Destiny but ultimately kept her "alliance" partner's wishes all the same. So, which of the two between Kyland and Sarah Beth will be headed out of the house this week? Here's what we know based on the live feed chatter and whose Big Brother dream of winning will likely come to an end on Thursday.

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Sarah Beth Steagall Will Probably Be Evicted In Week 8

Sarah Beth Steagall has been on borrowed time in the Big Brother house for weeks, but she and Kyland's Head of Household win successfully staved off the elimination for as long as possible. Tiffany Mitchell finally got a chance to send out Sarah Beth, and luckily Claire had no plans to sabotage that elimination when she usurped the HOH power. Sarah Beth has zero chance at flipping the vote this week, especially with her biggest ally Kyland on the block with her.

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The Challenge For The Cookout In Week 9

With Sarah Beth Steagall on her way out, The Cookout just needs to take out Alyssa Lopez and Claire Rehfuss to complete their goal of getting their whole alliance to the Final 6. Claire is unable to win the HOH (she's allowed to play but has to throw) due to the Coin of Destiny, so really, the only thing to look out for is Alyssa to get HOH and not nominate Claire for eviction.

That shouldn't be a difficult goal to accomplish, though The Cookout may make it hard on themselves trying to protect their individual games. Due to their relationships with Claire and Alyssa, Tiffany Mitchell, Kyland Young, Xavier Prather, and Azah Awasum have all stated this week they'd like to throw the competition to prevent jeopardizing their chance at losing either target's vote. Hannah Chaddha recently messed up her hand, so there's a chance she may be unable to compete. As mentioned, Claire can't win, so essentially this competition could be Derek Frazier vs. Alyssa.

The Big Brother backyard has been closed since Tuesday, which has led many to speculate the Houseguests are in for another endurance competition. Derek was the first down in the last endurance competition, so if that's the competition, it would seem someone in The Cookout who doesn't want to win may need to in order to protect their allies. Also, let's not forget Alyssa came in third in the last endurance comp, so there's a chance she could win this competition anyway. If Alyssa or someone who didn't want to win ends up winning in Week 9, expect to see some action on the live feeds later that night.

Big Brother's live eviction takes place on CBS Thursday, September 2 at 8:00 p.m. ET. Keep with CinemaBlend for all the spoilers on who will win the Week 9 HOH and the way it may turn out.

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