One Big Brother 23 Contestant Suffered A Hammock-Related Injury, And It Might Be Serious

The Big Brother houseguests competing for HOH CBS

Warning! The following contains spoilers from the Big Brother Season 23 live feeds as of Tuesday, August 31. Read at your own risk!

Big Brother 23 has been a relatively smooth season thus far, though the final stretch may have hit a major snag for one Houseguest in particular. Following a hammock-related injury, Hannah Chaddha is worse for wear, and it's looking like the injury is serious enough to impact her game.

After a night in which the live feeds were down for a good chunk of the evening, Big Brother live feed viewers noticed today that Hannah Chaddha is sporting a left arm wrapped in an elastic bandage and what appears to be a splint underneath it. Based on what's been said by the Houseguests and Hannah herself, she fell out of the hammock and injured her arm, and reportedly may be sprained.

The injury does not appear substantial enough that Hannah will need to leave the Big Brother house, but there's definitely a question of how she'll be able to participate in some of the competitions. As of this morning, Hannah told Claire Rehfuss she was unable to join in for yoga and remarked she would not be able to put pressure on her hand without it hurting. Hannah later got a neck massage from Derek Frazier and noted she had some real soreness there due to the injury.

Assuming this is a wrist sprain, online estimates the recovery time is around 2-10 weeks. That's a devastating injury to get at this stage in Big Brother, especially with The Cookout set to eliminate all the remaining Houseguests within that two-week minimum. What the Houseguests don't know is that the same night they'll send the final non-Cookout member to the jury (assuming Claire or Alyssa Lopez doesn't ruin those plans), the episode scheduled for September 16 has a runtime of two hours, which could mean a double or even triple eviction that evening.

If Hannah Chaddha can't compete in physical comps, that would make her an easy target for her former Cookout alliance. Hannah could, of course, still save herself with mental competitions and puzzle challenges, but given that Big Brother competitions are typically more physical challenges than mental, the odds aren't in her favor.

In the short term, Hannah Chaddha's injury could mess up the plans of many in The Cookout. Due to their relationships with Alyssa Lopez or Claire Rehfuss, Kyland Young, Tiffany Mitchell, Xavier Prather, and Azah Awasum have all stated they'd rather throw the Week 9 Head of Household. Now that Hannah is injured, the alliance may have to rely on Derek Frazier to beat Alyssa Lopez, as Claire can't win due to the rules of her secret HOH.

Or someone may need to risk exposing the alliance by seemingly betraying someone they're supposed to be aligned with. Hannah's injured arm could have a big impact on the back half of this game and ultimately impact her ability to win down the stretch.

Big Brother airs on CBS Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. With that said, changes could be on the way with the NFL starting back up, so stick with CinemaBlend for more on that as well as for our interviews with Houseguests like the lovable Derek Xiao.

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