The Flight Attendant Is Back In Production For Season 2 And Kaley Cuoco Has A Whole New 'Do

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We're finally getting closer to the premiere of The Flight Attendant Season 2, as Kaley Cuoco and the rest of the cast and crew are now on set to begin filming the new episodes. New seasons of television shows often bring lots of changes for the characters, as well as the stories that they'll be embroiled in (especially when you have a story as danger and mystery-filled as the one on this HBO Max hit), but Cuoco has just revealed that her Cassie is going to be sporting a brand new 'do when Season 2 finally debuts.

The Season 1 ending of The Flight Attendant did an amazing job of wrapping up the season-long murder mystery and many of the plot threads surrounding it, so fans already knew we'd be in for something different when Season 2 came around. But, few of us could have expected that one of those changes would involve Cassie's hairstyle. Now, star and executive producer Kaley Cuoco has both announced that the new set of episodes are in production, and shown off Cassie's new 'do on her Instagram. Take a look!

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OMG! You guys! Cassie's gonna have bangs! I know this might not seem like a major deal to some of you, but it's clear that Cuoco disagrees, seeing as how she took the time to point out the hair change in her caption. She mentioned that "Cassie and Cassie’s hair are back," and this is a significant change for the recently sober character.

Cassie went through some big stuff in The Flight Attendant Season 1, and when she wasn't trying to figure out who killed her one night stand, evading the person who was trying to kill her, or dealing with the FBI agents who were hounding her, she was slowly working through her troubled past and starting to face her alcoholism. By the last minutes of the finale, Cassie had gotten her first AA chip and been sober for at least 24 hours, possibly for the first time since she was a teenager. While the bangs could just be fun hairdo switch, my guess is that it's at least a little deeper than that.

I've never had bangs, but everyone I know who has had them tells me that they require additional upkeep. No one who was as messed up as Cassie was in Season 1 is going to be able to maintain the perfect, stylish bang for long. So, this is probably a little hint to viewers that Cassie has been on the straight and narrow for a while by the time we meet up with her again in Season 2.

And, Kaley Cuoco seems very enthusiastic about beginning to film the second season in her Golden Globe and Emmy-nominated role. She's posted several videos and photos to her Stories about starting the new season, including reposting someone else's excited words about The Flight Attendant and Cassie's daring new 'do:

I, for one, can't wait to catch up with Cassie and see how she maintains those bangs as she works out another mystery and runs for her life this time.

We don't have an exact release date for The Flight Attendant Season 2 just yet, but it's set to premiere at some point in the spring of 2022. For what to watch in the meantime, check out our 2021 fall TV schedule!

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