Looks Like Kaley Cuoco Is Getting Another Complicated Romance In The Flight Attendant Season 2

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One of the major successes of last fall was The Flight Attendant. The HBO Max series, which stars and is executive produced (in part) by The Big Bang Theory alum Kaley Cuoco, got people talking right with its first episode and never let up. Cuoco received her first Golden Globe and Emmy nods for her leading role as Cassie, a sometimes adorable mess of a human who finds herself caught up in a murder investigation. We have some hints about where the narrative for The Flight Attendant Season 2 will go, and now it sounds like Cuoco's Cassie will have yet another complicated romance in the new episodes.

The Flight Attendant Season 1 ending did a great job of setting up Season 2. The eponymous character helped to uncover not only the real killer of Alex, the passenger Cassie had sex with during her layover in Bangkok, and the man who was attempting to also kill her to cover up the crime she was previously on the hook for. Cassie, thankfully, managed to get away with her life and freedom intact. She also finally realized that she's an alcoholic who hasn't dealt with her childhood trauma, and got noticed by the CIA for her superior sleuthing skills.

Even though Cassie won't be anyone's full-blown CIA agent in The Flight Attendant Season 2, according to TVLine, she will have yet another potential romance, in the form of the (probably really hot) CIA agent who'll be assigned to keep an eye out on her activities. This info comes in the form of the dark comedy putting out a casting notice for an actor is his thirties to play said agent. Right now, we don't know if Cassie will know that he's in the CIA, or if the two will even interact on a regular basis for the whole season, but this certainly sets up some intriguing story possibilities.

First of all, right now Cassie is the queen of complicated romances. Not only did she wake up next to a very dead Alex after their one night stand, and proceed to have visions of him in her mind palace as she tried to figure out who killed him, but she also had quite the lovey dovey thing going with Buckley...who turned out to be Felix, the assassin who actually killed Alex and was literally following Cassie all over the Earth and posing as a normal party boy to try to get info out of her about Alex.

You might be wondering why the CIA would still have such an interest in Cassie when Alex's murder has been solved. Well, let me direct you to a situation that was left unresolved in The Flight Attendant. You might recall that Cassie's fellow flight attendant, Shane, was really an undercover CIA agent who was able to come in at the last minute and really save her ass. Please also remember that yet another flight attendant, Cassie's very good friend Megan, was involved in some incredibly devious and illegal action of her own, and went into hiding near the end of the season.

Shane was undercover because of what Megan had been doing, so there's no way the CIA as a whole doesn't know that Cassie and Megan are good buddies, and they will likely want to keep tabs on her to see if she leads them to Megan.

All of this means that Kaley Cuoco's Cassie is probably going to have a very eventful Season 2 of the The Flight Attendant, and I can't wait to see it!

The Flight Attendant is set to premiere sometime in the spring of 2022, until then, see what's coming up with our 2021 fall TV schedule!

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