The Morning Show’s Jennifer Aniston Reveals Why She’s Skipping The Emmys This Year

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This has been a tricky time for celebrations. Everything from graduations and weddings to splashy public events that are typically filled with celebrities has been pushed back, scaled down, done via video chat or cancelled altogether at some point. That has led a lot of people to jump at the chance to get dolled up (or, you know, dressed at all) and do anything that might be fun with other people. But, that thinking does not apply to Jennifer Aniston, who just revealed that she won't be attending this year's Emmy Awards because she's still very wary of the outside world.

One of the things many people love, and which we were greatly robbed of several times in the past 18 months, has been watching our favorite celebs head out after they put on fancy clothes so they can hit any number of red carpet events, including award shows like the Emmys. While we were able to see that ceremony go on last year, it was...not like it used to be, and filled with way more weird and awkward moments than usual, seeing as how they had to do a mostly virtual broadcast.

While speaking with Jimmy Kimmel (who hosted last year's Emmys) recently, Aniston was asked about attending the upcoming ceremony because she's been nominated for Friends: The Reunion, and said:

No, I will not be going. I think Ben Winston, our producer and director who put the whole thing together [is going]. But, I'm still - this is a big step for me just to be here.

Understood, Jennifer Aniston. Very much understood. The Morning Show Season 2 star is definitely not alone in her desire to keep her distance as much as she can right now, noting that just appearing in person (and unmasked) on Jimmy Kimmel Live! was a lot for her. Even though we were all originally ordered to stay at home whenever possible, to practice social distancing when out in public, and wear masks, many of those orders have now passed, so anyone still feeling nervous about going out and about is likely best served by pulling an Aniston, and just staying home.

She went even further in describing what her routine has been like in recent months, saying:

I've been in the house a lot. I went from the set at Sony studios to shoot The Morning Show, back to my house. There was literally, like, a star, the points that I would go to. I'd go to work, I'd go to Courteney's, I've been to you guys, to the Bateman's, and then back home. So it was kinda like we had this little bubble of friends. Thank god I love all of you so much.

Most folks have needed to find ways to get some people-time in lately, so it's good to hear that Jennifer Aniston has been able to do that in person with friends like Courteney Cox, Kimmel and his family, and Jason Bateman and his family. Maybe they'll all get together to watch the Emmys and reminisce about the grand, weird ol' time they had participating in the award show last year.

We can all see how the Emmys' non-virtual ceremony goes for ourselves when it airs live, Sunday, September 19, at 8 p.m. EST.

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