How Marvel's Hulk Mark Ruffalo Helped Tim Roth Get Back Into The Abomination Groove For She-Hulk

Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner in Avengers: Infinity War

Marvel Studios is gearing up for plenty more Disney+ series in the future following the success of WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Loki. One of those series is She-Hulk, which will center around Tatiana Maslany as the titular character, known in civilian life as Jennifer Walters. Mark Ruffalo will reprise his role as Bruce Banner/The Hulk in the show, while English actor Tim Roth will be reprising his role as Emil Blonsy/Abomination from 2008’s The Incredible Hulk. In a recent interview, Roth revealed how Ruffalo got him back into his groove for the upcoming Disney+ series.

Tim Roth is among the many cast in Disney+ and Marvel Studios’ new She-Hulk series. Roth has had prior experience in the MCU, as he portrayed Abomination in The Incredible Hulk, which starred Edward Norton as Bruce Banner before he was replaced by Mark Ruffalo for The Avengers and onward. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Roth admitted how Ruffalo got him back into playing a character he hadn't played in over a decade, and it’s all about the comedic timing:

I did The Incredible Hulk years ago, just because I thought my kids would be embarrassed by it. I did it for them and I really enjoyed making it. So when they came to me and said: ‘We’re adapting the She-Hulk thing. Can you come back as that character again?’ I was like, sure. It should be fun. I was very surprised though because it was difficult at first. It was only when Mark Ruffalo came in to shoot his stuff [reprising his role as Bruce Banner] that I went: ‘Oh, that’s how you do it! With a sense of humor!’

The Incredible Hulk is definitely one of the more underrated Marvel movies and did not have as much humor compared to other films in the MCU. Some people even separate it from the universe completely, especially since Mark Ruffalo is now the Hulk rather than Ed Norton. It’s been 13 years since the movie released, so it could have not been easy for Tim Roth to get back into playing Abomination after so many years. That said, it seems like it was easier with Ruffalo around, as Roth got to see just how the atmosphere is like.

She-Hulk won’t be the first time that Abomination is seen after The Incredible Hulk, as he recently made an appearance in the newest Marvel movie. In a scene in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Abomination is in a cage fight with the sorcerer Wong, and when it was first shown in a trailer, fans were shocked. Tim Roth had done some vocalization for the small appearance, and it was only just a starter for him. Though this does raise the question on whether or not the cage fight will be talked about on She-Hulk. It will be interesting to learn what Abomination has been doing after all these years, but it will also be nice to see another character from The Incredible Hulk be given a second chance.

There is no word yet on when She-Hulk will premiere on Disney+, but it's expected to release sometime in 2022. Learn what else the MCU has coming up for the small screen with our Marvel TV shows guide.

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