Why Drew Scott 'Hated' The Name Property Brothers At First

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HGTV fans have been able to see more and more of the Property Brothers' Drew and Jonathan Scott over the past several years. The immense popularity of the twins and their debut show has led to many spinoff series, as well as a number of other business enterprises which promise to keep them in the public eye for a long time. But, that could have been very different if they hadn't gone with that title for their original home renovation series, and now they're talking about why Drew 'hated' the name Property Brothers at first.

Not only do the Scott siblings' fans seem to love that first show of theirs, but it took off to such a degree that they are actually just known as the Property Brothers to millions of people. That might not have been the case, though, had they decided on another title because of Drew Scott's dislike for the the name. While being interviewed on The Carlos Watson Show, they were asked who came up with the title, which led to Jonathan's reveal that Drew originally 'hated' it.

Jonathan: Drew actually hated Property Brothers. He put it on his list [of potential names] originally, but he kept going back and saying, 'No, no, no. I don't think it's right.'Drew: The reason I didn't like it is because, the business brain in me, I'm thinking, 'If we go Property Brothers, they could probably find two other brothers that renovate and replace us very easily. We should have something more specific, that makes it harder for them to replace us.

I think we can all agree now that the moniker Property Brothers is exceedingly catchy and has suited the duo well over their many years as home renovation / real estate gurus. However, it's kinda hard not to see where Drew Scott and his "business brain" were coming from back in the day when they were just starting to work on the idea for their show. Pretty much everyone is replaceable at some point, especially on a TV show when your name isn't in the title.

Going way more specific for their title does seem like it would have been a much better idea, and they could have gone with any number of other names. As their die-hard fans probably know, the Scotts are far from one trick ponies when it comes to being good at things. Before getting into real estate, they pursued acting, music, sports (even ping pong!), and other creative endeavors like clowning.

Right now, we could be calling these two the Bagpipe Builders, or the Constructing Clowns, or even...you know what? Let's just give them a chance to talk about the other names they considered before I get too carried away. According to Drew:

We still have the original piece of paper where we were writing down all the test ideas. Like, Builder Brothers, and Brothers in Business, and all these different things. One was Bungalow Brothers, I remember; it was so stupid.

Well, at least they tried to lean in to the alliteration, and I can't be mad at that. As Drew Scott noted, though, he and Jonathan finally accepted the least 'stupid' of their potential ideas and went on to become the Property Brothers we all know and love.

I gotta say though, Bungalow Brothers IS starting to grow on me.

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