Property Brothers Drew And Jonathan Scott Bickered Over Bagpipes, But Who Is The Better Player?

Jonathan and Drew Scott The Property Brothers

Warning! The following contains spoilers for the latest Property Brothers: Forever Home. Read at your own risk!

Property Brothers: Forever Home hosts Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott are known for their home renovation ideas and skills, but those are not their only talents. The two also were bagpipe players back in the day and apparently pretty decent at it. Of course, one of them had to be better than the other, but which of the two was the more proficient player?

It appears the answer may have been revealed in a recent episode, in which the Scott brothers were transforming a room into a sound-dampening area for a musician. The two got on the topic of their early days playing the bagpipes, and in the process, may have revealed who was the better of the two when it came to playing "Amazing Grace" and other popular bagpipe songs. They bickered back and forth:

Drew: I feel so bad for the rest of the family when you and I were first learning to play the pipes.Jonathan: Do you recall who was better?Drew: [pauses] I’m busy.

Based on that brief conversation and Drew Scott's unwillingness to continue the conversation, it would appear that Jonathan Scott was the better of the two brothers. Either that or Drew was just giving his brother the win for the camera, though with Jonathan dating actress Zooey Deschanel, Drew shouldn't have to lie about his brother's bagpipe skills to protect his ego.

One thing to note is that the brothers have spoken about playing bagpipes in their youth in the past on camera, with Jonathan Scott flat-out asserting he was the better player of the two. In that video, Drew was a bit more defensive, and while he didn't dismiss his brother's claims entirely, he also touted his own playing ability:

Jonathan: Being Scottish brothers there was always a little bit of a competition. We used to play the bagpipes and Drew always tried to beat me. However, I'm the one who took the medals.Drew: Oh no, no. I was good in competition.

Unfortunately, neither one played the bagpipes in the latest Property Brothers: Forever Home, so the chances of the question of which brother is better being answered anytime soon are probably slim to none. With that said, perhaps with the ever-growing expansion of streaming, the two will eventually get a spinoff where they get a chance to showcase their musical talents? I'm not sure it would be as big of a winner as some of their HGTV shows, but if Discovery+ can give 90 Day Fiancé an insane amount of spinoffs, surely they can do the world a solid with Drew and Jonathan Scott playing bagpipes in their own streaming series.

Property Brothers: Forever Home airs on HGTV Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. Those who weren't aware that Drew and Jonathan Scott played the bagpipes may be thrilled that there are still things to learn about the brothers, some of which can be read about here.

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