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One Major Design Idea People Have That Makes Property Brother Drew Scott ‘Die A Little Inside’

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Making a house a home is no small feat. It takes money, determination, and a penchant for thinking outside the box. We've seen it manifest in countless ways, shapes, and forms on HGTV's home renovation shows over the years. Zooey Deschanel has even pitched in. But word to the wise, one side of the Property Brothers coin, Drew Scott, has a design idea pet peeve that makes him “die a little inside.”

HGTV's Property Brothers has been a staple on the network for the last ten years. In that time, fans have seen Drew and Jonathan Scott's clients make some pretty lofty demands. Either the ceiling needs to be for inches higher, they prefer “brushed nickel” (whatever that is), there should be four rooms not three, double stoves, no wall-to-wall carpeting, and the list goes on and on. But apparently, what takes the cake for Drew Scott is when his wallpaper ideas are shot down. Now, hear the man out, as I’m endeavoring to do. He told Architectural Digest:

When people say they aren’t into wallpaper, it makes me die a little inside. I love what you can do with textures and patterns. Wallpaper enables you to play with patterns in such a fun way.

Property Brother Drew Scott should hear me out, though, when I say that wallpaper is usually cringe. It instantly invokes the 1970s aesthetic that is attributed to grandmothers and usually has a lot of floral going on. I'm sure if that kid from School of Rock were here, he'd say that line, “You're tacky, and I hate you,” concerning any wallpaper ideas, too.

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Now, I’m no designer or contractor, just a writer about movies and TV. But maybe, just maybe, a Property Brothers client might like an Avatar-themed room design concept? Harry Potter for a kid’s room, anyone? No?

Well, I'm getting ahead of myself anyways. Because where the Property Brothers are concerned, they know their home renovations. (They have their flagship show and several spinoffs for good reason.) Clients on the show will often complain in the moment, not to mention one or both of the Scott twins will as well, but it still always magically comes together somehow -- as do most of HGTV’s other successful shows.

In their Architectural Digest interview, along with trying out wallpaper, the Property Brothers also suggest a few other crazy notions. Drew Scott says to “limit the number of throw pillows to two to four max.” (This, here, alone would disqualify me again – I need ALL the pillows – but maybe the bros are tired of footing the entire bill, pillows and all, on the show.) They also say to “skip the ceiling fan.” I get the aesthetic reason why, but I'm also wondering if the Property Brothers have lived in the Deep South, where AC units just aren't enough sometimes?

While we await the status of Property Brothers and their spinoffs’ potential renewals, check out our list of all the new and returning shows heading to HGTV! Also, sound off in the poll below to let us know if you have a pillowless, fanless, wallpaper-covered dream home!

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