Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Andy Samberg, Melissa Fumero And More Stars React To The Series Ending

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Spoilers ahead for the series finale of Brooklyn Nine-Nine on NBC

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has come to an end after eight seasons, two networks, and countless hurdles that had to be overcome before the cops of the Nine-Nine got their happy endings. Sure, there was some bittersweetness in knowing that the tight-knit unit was no longer going to all be together, but they were all heading in some positive directions. Plus, the heist will never stop! The stars were evidently feeling nostalgic as the series was ending, and they shared their touching reactions.

Andy Samberg, for whom Brooklyn Nine-Nine was conclusive proof that the former SNL actor could handle scripted dramatic moments as well as comedy on a weekly basis, hit Instagram with a photo without a caption that nonetheless said a lot about the cast's friendly dynamic. Plus, showed Andre Braugher either caught off-guard by the picture or channeling his inner Captain Holt when it comes the con man's ruse of smiling more than 1.5 seconds. Take a look:

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Andy Samberg may have done a lot of crying while filming the final season, but he definitely put on a happy face for the photo! And Jake did get a happy ending, as he decided to quit the NYPD to become a stay-at-home dad to Mac while Amy moved up in her career. Melissa Fumero, whose Amy Santiago is doing better than ever at the NYPD (and put up a good heist showing), went for a sweet message of pride in her Twitter message:

This show has been one of the greatest joys of my life. I am so damn proud of this finale. I won’t be live tweeting tonight. I want you all to just watch it and soak up every second. I hope you love it as much we loved making it. Thanks for everything Nine Niners.

Stephanie Beatriz's Rosa may have quit the NYPD, but that didn't mean that she wasn't part of the heist! Plus, she got an ending the reinforced the message that a person doesn't need to be in a relationship with kids to be satisfied with their life, as she was perfectly happy as she was. As for Beatriz, the image she chose to go along with her message showcases a different kind of pride, befitting Rosa's journey over the eight seasons of the series:

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Andre Braugher got to show a lot more emotion than usual on screen in the Brooklyn Nine-Nine series finale, as Holt opened up and even told Jake that he'd be proud if he'd had a son like him. After eight seasons of Jake seeing Holt as a father figure (and both trying and failing to hide it), it packed an emotional punch and showed how far Holt has come in opening up. His message definitely fit with Captain Holt, but also clearly spoke from the heart:

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Joe Lo Truglio's Charles stuck around the Nine-Nine even after the departures of Jake, Amy, and Holt, and the flash-forward showed that he adapted to losing his best friend in the precinct, and even taken on more of a leadership role. And according to the actor, he learned some valuable lessons from playing Charles for the better part of a decade. He wrote:

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Terry Crews, who kept busy hosting America's Got Talent (and forming opinions about the best of the best) after filming the finale of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, got to end the series on a very high note for Terry. Despite some mishaps due to heist shenanigans, Terry earned a promotion to become the new captain of the precinct after Holt's departure. Plus, he saved the day by proving that he truly can do what the Kool-Aid Man is capable of and bust through walls. Oh yeah!

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The end of Brooklyn Nine-Nine not only brought back Chelsea Peretti as Gina Linetti a few seasons after she departed as a series regular, but inspired Peretti to hit social media to share some memories in a series of photos and a short but sweet farewell to her fan-favorite character:

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The end has come for Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but you can always watch and rewatch even after saying goodbye to Jake Peralta and Co. The full series is available streaming on Hulu now, and there are plenty of cold opens worth rewatching even if you don't intend to start binge-watching full episodes.

Jake getting a lineup of suspects to harmonize into a Backstreet Boys song is my personal favorite, so the callback to that cold open in the finale was definitely fitting in my book. If you're ready to move on, however, you can check out our 2021 fall TV premiere schedule for some upcoming TV options!

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