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Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Andy Samberg Recalls Crying At All The Wrong Times While Filming Final Season

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine is getting ready to premiere its final season on NBC, and fans and the cast have been getting emotional since the series’ end was announced earlier this year. Star Andy Samberg reveals how emotional he got while filming the final season of the cop comedy series.

While on Late Night with Seth Meyers to promote Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Andy Samberg, who portrays Jake Peralta, discussed his time on the Fox-turned-NBC comedy and how emotional everyone got while filming the last season. Samberg recalled that there was a lot of crying and it was during the wrong times:

Yeah, there was a lot of crying at like the wrong times. There’s scenes where you could argue you should cry and then there’s other stuff that’s like, ‘I just fell [apart] and I just realized it’s the last time Terry is going to say he loves yogurt.’ [Sniffles.]

It’s not surprising to see that the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine has become close over the years, especially with the cancellation from Fox, even if it was just temporary with NBC picking it up just a day later. Now that B99 is officially coming to an end, it couldn’t have been easy to say goodbye to a TV family you’ve known for nearly ten years. Andy Samberg reflects on how hard it was to shoot the final season, and it wasn’t just because of the COVID protocols:

I mean, it was hard shooting a. Because the Covid protocols on set were so strict; there’s no writer on set. There’s no throwing out ideas. There’s a lot of ‘masks on’ and then ‘action,’ take ’em off and then you do it and put them back on. So, that was hard, but as it got towards the end, it got really emotionally rough because we all realized it was truly ending and we all love each other and have been spending all that time together for eight years.

When it was announced in February that Season 8 would not only be pushed back but would be the final season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the cast quickly took to Twitter to share their feelings and gratitude for not only the series but also for the fans who made it possible for the series to go beyond its initial cancellation. Meanwhile, the storyline for Season 8 has been changing since last year. And with news of it being the final season, writers no doubt had to find that perfect balance between comedy and emotions to make sure that the characters get their perfect endings.

Just how will Brooklyn Nine-Nine come to an end after eight seasons? Catch the final season Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST on NBC starting August 12!

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