Big Brother 23's Sarah Beth Explains How The Team Twist Changed The Game For Her

Warning! The following contains spoilers of the result of Big Brother Season 23's Week 10 Head of Household competition. Read at your own risk!

Sarah Beth Steagall left Big Brother Season 23 as the third person to join the jury house, and fans had known for a while that she was living on borrowed time. Sarah Beth had long been a target of The Cookout's Tiffany Mitchell, and while Sarah Beth didn't necessarily know that, she has revealed that had it not been for the team twist, her game may have turned out a lot different.

I submitted questions for Sarah Beth Steagall as she made her way to the jury house and learned that she believed Season 23's team twist did a lot to benefit her game and maybe even extend her longevity in the house:

I think the team twist actually really helped me going into the game. I think it might have been a little harder for me to branch out and make connections [otherwise]. I also think that those two weeks in a row where I had safety also allowed me to make different connections in the house in a more relaxed environment. What I learned later in the game is that when I was under the stress of possibly being evicted, I didn’t handle it as well as I thought I would initially coming into the game. It made things a lot harder for me to relax and get to know people and make people comfortable with me. If I had been in that position earlier in the game really think I would’ve been a pre-jury evictee. Luckily, there was a team twist, my team won HOH two weeks in a row, I was able to have a comfortable environment to bond with people and to get to know people and I think that did ultimately help me stay when I was on the block in Week 5.

Sarah Beth Steagall credited the safety allotted to her via The Kings as something that kept her in Big Brother. There's certainly no denying The Kings' alliance did reap the most benefits from the team twist, as they ultimately ended up as the only team with 4 members left before the remainder of the three teams put Sarah Beth and Christian Birkenberger on the block.

Sarah Beth Steagall believes the safety allowed her to build the bonds she needed to stay in the game. In reality, as viewers know but Sarah Beth wouldn't have when sharing her perspective, Christian Birkenberger was seen as the bigger target between the two in Week 5, and even then, his eviction was the closest Season 23 has come to flipping the vote against the Head of Household's wishes. Had there not been a tense confrontation between Tiffany Mitchell, Azah Awasum, and Derek Frazier, Sarah Beth could've easily been out of the house.

Of course, even if Sarah Beth Steagall had miraculously survived eviction this week and Kyland Young was sent to the jury instead, it would not have looked good for her in Week 10. Tiffany Mitchell captured her second HOH of the season (back-to-back wins), so there's a strong likelihood we would've seen Steagall in jury the following week in either case. Even so, she got much further than many in the game before her and should take pride in that accomplishment.

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