MTV's Teen Wolf Is Being Revived On Streaming In An Unexpected Way

Teen Wolf cast

Teen Wolf wrapped up its six-season run four years ago. The popular MTV series left fans with a werewolf-shaped void, spurring on campaigns to bring the series back. Apparently the posts and tweets asking for Teen Wolf's return were too many to resist, because there is a pretty promising revival coming for streaming from creator Jeff Davis, but it’s not in the way you would think.

According to Variety, Teen Wolf won’t be coming back in the form of another series, but a film. Creator Jeff Davis just signed a multi-year deal with MTV Entertainment Studios that will allow him to head multiple streaming projects, including a film that continues the story of Scott McCall. Davis worked on Teen Wolf as showrunner throughout the series’ run and will act as both writer and executive producer for the revival film.

Having Jeff Davis run the film just as he did the series makes the endeavor sound incredibly promising, because it allows a pretty flush transition between the two. What’s even more encouraging is that apparently a number of the original actors will return for the revival movie. Scott McCall is still in the center of the storyline for the announced film, so we can assume Tyler Posey will be returning to reprise his role, although as an older wolf. While no longer a teen, it sounds like the film will retain the name of Teen Wolf.

Another character we can pretty confidently predict will make a return is Jackson Whittemore, as his real life counterpart Colton Haynes posted a small teaser for the announced film on his Instagram; Tyler Posey also posted the same teaser, pretty much cementing the fact that we can expect him to take back up the role as Scott McCall. You can check out the teaser below:

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The revival film will be exclusively streamed on the Paramount+ streaming service. This makes a ton of sense, seeing as creator Jeff Davis created the long running series Criminal Minds for CBS. The other projects under the MTV deal will also stream on Paramount+, which includes the previously announced Aeon Flux live action reboot series and another werewolf project, a series called Wolf Pack.

According to the teaser, we can expect the Teen Wolf revival film to make its big appearance sometime next year. Ahead of the revival, the entire Teen Wolf series will be available to stream on Paramount+ starting this December. The binge-worthy six seasons of the series should tide you over for a while, but you can also check out more of the great series available on the streaming platform.

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