What Happens To Dear White People’s Sam And Gabe After Season 4? Logan Browning And John Patrick Amedori Share Their Thoughts

Major spoilers for Dear White People Season 4 lie ahead.

Dear White People Season 4 marked the end of the road for the hilarious and socially conscious students at Winchester University. While viewers finally got to see many of the students walk across the graduation stage in the present, the show also provided a glimpse into their post-graduate lives. This included a look at what lies ahead for on-and-off couple Samantha White and Gabe Mitchell. The two experienced their fair share of drama during the final season, though their stories concluded on a somewhat positive note. Now, Logan Browning and John Patrick Amedori have shared thoughts on how things might play out between the two following the series finale.

While Sam and Gabe experienced a break up or two during the show’s first three seasons, their flare-up in Season 4 seemed to be the nail in the coffin. The two decided to split after they disagreed on Gabe’s decision to produce a commercial Christian film for his uncle. The season’s intermittent flash-forwards revealed that the two were still estranged years later. In the future, Gabe had become a successful filmmaker, while Sam had only been directing TV ads. However, when reuniting with their friends during the final moments of the finale, the two resolved to go out for a drink, hinting at a potential reconciliation.

I couldn’t help but wonder what might have become of the two lovers following that final episode. So when I spoke with the stars who portrayed them, I asked if they believed their characters would ever walk down the aisle. Logan Browning, for her part, shared some humorously honest sentiments on the idea:

If Sam and Gabe get married, like they’re going to be on some real hippie shit and like get married at Burning Man. It’s not going to be traditional. I feel like I see them being partners for life, but I don’t know if I ever pictured them getting married.

John Patrick Amedori agreed with his co-star’s thoughts on a potential wedding. To him, matrimony doesn’t seem like something Sam and Gabe would be interested in. Nevertheless, he does still think that the two will maintain a special kind of relationship:

Yeah, I don’t think that marriage is, like, kind of their thing. I think that they’re going to feed off of each other’s creativeness, and they want to build each other up. And I think as adults, as grown ups, that’s what their existence will be together. It’s just to build the other person up. How do we make each other better? How do we learn from each other? The communication is just going to go at the wall. But I just believe that they love each other, and they’re trying to make something happen.

Logan Browning also believes that this “love” could indeed lead to another major moment for the couple down the road. And her co-star is in full agreement with her:

Logan Browning: They’re going to have a baby, though.John Patrick Amedori: Oh, they will have a beautiful baby.

The thought of Sam and Gabe remaining close and raising a child following the events of the show is comforting. I sincerely hope they do eventually reach their goals as both artists and life partners. Because after the ups and downs they’ve experienced, it would be well deserved.

Dear White People Season 4 is now streaming on Netflix.

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