WWE's Alexa Bliss Invokes Albert Einstein For Cryptic Post As Reason For Absence Is Reportedly Revealed

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WWE superstar Alexa Bliss has been in the news a lot lately after rumors surfaced saying she'd be stepping away from television following her loss to Charlotte Flair at Extreme Rules. Some wondered if this, combined with Lilly being destroyed, marked the end of "creepy Alexa," or if the hiatus was meant to rebuild momentum. A new report makes it appear neither is the cause for her absence, however, even as Bliss seemingly fed into the character-based speculation with a cryptic post of an Albert Einstein quote. At this point, it's still a guessing game regarding what connects to what.

Rumors of Alexa Bliss' absence from WWE television were seemingly proven in part by her absence on Monday Night Raw, though the hiatus apparently has nothing to do with her current gimmick. PWInsider.com reported that Bliss was taking time away from WWE for medical purposes, and was written off television because she's set to have a sinus surgery. (It's perhaps also noteworthy that Sheamus recently announced he's having sinus surgery and is expected to miss a few weeks from WWE as a result.) No timetable has been given on Bliss' reported surgery or the recovery time.

If Bliss is indeed getting surgery of any sort, she hasn't offered up that information up to fans as Sheamus did. Instead, Bliss' latest social media post spotlight a famous quote from Albert Einstein, and without any personal commentary, which feels fairly cryptic given the randomness of the posting.

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I'm not sure what that quote would mean in relation to sinus surgery, but I would wager Alexa Bliss didn't have that in mind when she sent the message. Rather, the Einstein post could be a veiled message to fans about the status of her character, considering how her match with Charlotte Flair ended at Extreme Rules. Flair defeated Bliss and then rubbed salt in the room by tearing her disturbing doll Lilly to shreds. Bliss sobbed violently over the loss of her doll and that was the last fans saw of her.

A big part of Charlotte Flair and Alexa Bliss' feud was rooted in Flair being upset at how Bliss' changed from a developing badass to a spooky goth kid. It was Flair's goal to beat Bliss in the ring, and potentially convince her to drop her creepy persona and revert to the sassy dominant wrestler she once was. The storyline and rumored absence led some to speculate that WWE creatives decided to shed Bliss' gimmick, with plans to bring her back a few months later with a persona disconnected from her current one.

Alexa Bliss' latest gimmick was largely tied to released wrestler Bray Wyatt, so it seemed plausible that could be something that happens. Bliss sharing this Albert Einstein quote, however, leads me to believe she's subtly letting fans know that Lilly and her creepiness aren't being entirely eradicated, and that they may return in some form whenever she does. It could also be entirely unrelated, considering a lot of what we know so far is primarily unofficial reports and speculation. We may just have to wait and see what's up with Alexa when she finally returns to television.

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