After leaving their mark on the big screen for over 15 years (and counting), the X-Men are now trying to bring their adventures to the small screen as well. Nearly a year after an X-Men TV show was first rumored, it was confirmed yesterday that Fox is pursuing a deal with Disney and Marvel to give the mutants their own “long-running” series, as opposed to a limited run. The X-Men universe has been featured in live-action on TV before, like the Generation X TV movie and Mutant X, but should this project get off the ground, it would be be the biggest, non-animated project for the X-Men on television.

Because this potential series is still in the earliest stages of development, we hardly know anything about it other than it won’t feature Marvel characters that Fox doesn’t have the rights to. However, we have some ideas for the show that would appeal to both hardcore fans and general audiences. Keeping in mind the current status quo in the films and a few rumors that were leaked months ago, these are a few of the directions that the project could take its mutant protagonists.

A Period Piece
A Period Piece
With the exception of The Wolverine, every X-Men film since 2011 has been primarily set in the past. Since that formula has worked so far, why not keep it going for TV? If they take this route, there are two time periods that would be best explored.The first is the gap between X-Men: Days of Future Past and X-Men: Apocalypse, i.e. 1973-1983. Remember that because of Wolverine’s actions in the past, whatever happened in the original timeline has been changed post-1973. The general population knows that mutants exist, so it would be interesting to see how society slowly changes in the years following. The other possibility would be having it take place post X-Men: Apocalypse to right before the 2000 X-Men movie, i.e. between 1983 and 2000. This would also touch on society dealing with Homo Superior’s presence, but we would see how things differ from the world we originally saw in the first X-Men adventure.

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