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With its ever-growing expansion into original programming, Starz has most recently taken viewers to renaissance Italy with Da Vinci’s Demons and the high seas with Black Sails, and they’ll soon bring high-stakes drama to New York City night life with Power, which boasts rap superstar Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson as an executive producer. How soon, you ask? The network announced Power’s eight-episode season will debut on Saturday, June 7 at 9:00 p.m. ET, and they’ve marked the occasion by releasing a new poster and music video from 50 Cent (featuring Joe), which will serve as the series’ main title theme. Tilt your seat back to its least upright position and jam along. (Contains adult language).

The video, obviously released through 50 Cent’s Facebook page, mixes sparse new footage from Power with series-relevant lyrics like, “I’m trying to stack shit. Then I’ll go legit. Hollow clips, stuff ‘em in the clip, case niggas trip.” Not exactly as linguistically dexterous as James Joyce, but it gets the point across just fine.

Going legit becomes a high priority for Power's James “Ghost” St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick), the owner of a popular NYC night club who also happens to be a highly successful drug kingpin. And though the club started out solely as a front for Ghost’s more illicit career, he eventually grows weary of the dangers that the drug trade is known for, and he wants to turn his life around to focus on his law-abiding career. It’s no coincidence that the name of his nightclub is Truth, as he seems to be good at hiding it from everyone, including himself. This split between good and evil is represented in the new poster seen below, which reflects Ghost’s past and present intentions in a literal manner.


Power also stars Naturi Naughton (Fame) as Ghost’s wife and confidante Tasha, Lela Loren (Snitch) as an old flame of Ghost’s who reasserts her position in his life, and Joseph Sikora Jack Reacher) as Tommy, Ghost’s lifelong friend and business partner. 50 Cent himself also shows up in some capacity.

Created by The Good Wife writer and executive producer Courtney Agboh, Power will fill the Saturday night timeslot that Starz has allocated for its most recent hits. Does this mean we’ll have to wait until August for Ron Moore’s Outlander adaptation? Or will the network open up its programming schedule to the rest of the week?

Either way, Ghost ain’t trippin’ over it. Watch him balance his troublesome life in the trailer below.

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