Spoilers for The Walking Dead are below.

At long last, we’re less than one week away from battening down the hatches and digging into what looks to be the most exciting season finale yet from The Walking Dead, and possibly any other show on TV. The way things have played out over the past 15 episodes, almost anything can happen over the course of the 90-minute installment, and to almost anyone. And since we’re all hoping to have a pleasant summer that isn’t spent making acorn desserts and cursing anyone who has anything to do with the AMC drama, we feel comfortable making quiet demands that the show makes a direct point to answer the following seven questions. We’d love the answers going with these to be of a satisfactory nature, but our greed can be tamped down to acceptance if it’s all good enough.

 the walking dead
How Badly Is Daryl Hurt?
When “East” faded out, I’m certain the collective gasp drawn in by audiences had the power of a black hole. The burned-face bastard that is Dwight once again got the runaround on Daryl, only this time instead of taking something, Dwight left something: a bullet inside of Daryl’s shoulder (or some nearby body part). His last-second words “You’ll be all right,” seem to indicate Daryl will still be breathing (though probably not arm wrestling) when the finale kicks off. But how hurt will Daryl be? Will it be so bad that Negan will pick him off out of sympathy, or will he still be healthy and agile enough to completely destroy Dwight the first chance he gets?

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