Every year, the various TV networks roll the dice with brand new programming. As we’ve seen with Manhattan Love Story, A to Z and more, a lot of these shows never even get their sea legs before a network gives up on them. But a lucky few shows each year not only pull in massive numbers but accomplish critical acclaim and/or niche fandom that should propel them forward for many seasons to come.

Each year, we pull together a list of the shows we feel will have enough longevity to move forward, not just for a second season, but over the long haul. Predicting a show's trajectory is not an exact science, of course, as sometimes shows will lose a showrunner or take a tumble in the ratings after trying out a plotline that fans just don’t dig. Regardless, thus far this season, there have been six shows that have shown signs of sticking around for a long time to come. Without further ado, here are the six programs we feel will still be on the air 5 years from now. Let us know if you agree or think we missed any in the comments, below.

The Flash
The Flash
Of all of the shows to come out of the fall season, The Flash is sitting prettiest. Not only are superheroes an extremely hot property right now, but the CW’s TV series had a built in audience with Arrow before it even premiered. Then, once The Flash actually hit the schedule, it became the network’s highest premiere in five years—a feat, considering network ratings are down across the board. The Flash has already earned a full season order, and with plenty of powers and villains to tease out in the future, The Flash shows no signs of slowing down.

Plus, now that the CW has the ability to cross-pollinate with Arrow, the network is no doubt wanting to keep both superhero shows in the fold. In fact, five seasons might be chump change for a show like The Flash.

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