90 Day Fiancé: Biniyam's Sisters Reveal Real Reason They Cried Over His Departure, And It Might Be A Spoiler

Biniyam Shibre upset about Ariela wanting to return to America.
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Warning! The following possibly contains spoilers for 90 Day Fiancé Season 9. Read at your own risk!

90 Day Fiancé Season 9 took its time showing fans Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre, but it was worth it. Because the latest episode featured another major moment in the couple’s relationship. They finally made the trip to U.S., which fans have seen hints of online for a while now, and there was no shortage of tears from Biniyam’s sisters, Mimi and Wish. The episode made it appear as though the pair cried because their brother was leaving the country, but Wish recently went online to reveal the real reason -- and it might be a spoiler. 

Wish, who is the latest sister of Biniyam to head to social media with a gripe about an episode of 90 Day Fiancé, decided to share the real reason behind those tears through a post on her Instagram stories. Wish explained that they weren’t crying about their brother's departure but rather a gift they gave him. Apparently, said present had ties to his first son, Simon: 

You guys probably saw me and @MimiShebere crying with @Biniyam_Shibre on the latest episode…but we were not crying over a grown man moving somewhere else. We had kept his first son’s [Simon] shoes from when he was lil and we decided to surprise gift it to him as a leaving gift cuz now Avi was bit enough to fit into said shoes. It was just a bittersweet moment cuz he was finally going back ot the USA to see his child after years of heartbreak. We were just happy that he wasn’t being left behind with trauma again. We love and miss you, Simon.

Attached to the post was a link to another post from Wish, in which she shared a photo of Biniyam and Simon along with a more current picture of the latter. In that post, she talked about how Biniyam would get to hug and hold his baby soon and tell him he’s loved and wanted. That post, paired with what’s above, makes it sound like the man did or will attempt to reconnect with his ex-wife and his first-born son when he’s in the states. 

90 Day Fiancé fans might remember that Biniyam’s first wife was also from the U.S. and shared a child with him. She ultimately left him and took Simon back to the states. Biniyam was unable to obtain a visa to follow them there, so he presumably hadn’t seen his son in some time. For those that missed that story but followed Ariela and Biniyam in their previous season, this was why he was so worried when Ariela insisted on taking Avi to the United States for his hernia surgery. 

When news first got out that Ariela and Biniyam were state-side, some wondered if he might reconnect with his ex-wife and try to have a relationship with his child. Wish’s posts on social media seem to hint that this happened, but Biniyam’s social media tells a different story. He noted his intention to try and see Simon when he arrived in the states in 2021 but, according to comments on his social media post, his ex-wife wasn’t willing to meet or even do Zoom calls, and the current picture was provided by “someone else.” Considering Wish’s recent post, it’s possible that this changed, but we’ll just have to wait and see if this is indeed a major spoiler. 

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