Well, this sounds absolutely, positively horrible. ABC has given the go ahead for another game show from Matt Kunitz, the guy that brought us all Wipeout, and somehow, by some divine miracle, this one is actually shaping up to be worse. Entitled 101 Ways To Leave A Game Show, the reality competition will pit contestants against each other in games of trivia, then expel the loser in grandiose and goofy ways like being shot out of a cannon.

According to THR, ABC has approved this mess for a six episode run in the summer, with winners taking home fifty grand a piece. Jeff Sutphen has boarded as the host, though he might want to consider not pulling his resume from Monster just quite yet. I can’t imagine people are going to watch this for more than an episode.

You know what the worst part about this is? ABC knows damn well this show will be horrible, but because it’s ridiculous enough, if they run the right promos, people will tune in to watch it once. That’s why there’s only going to be six episodes because they know repeat viewing will be at a staggering low. They just don’t make ‘em like The Price Is Right anymore.

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