Agent Carter Is Bringing Back A Major Character, Get The Details

While Agent Carter Season 2 is bringing back most of the main characters from its first outing, there has been one familiar name missing from the lineup: Angie Martinelli, played by Lyndsy Fonseca. As Peggy Carter’s best friend, one would imagine she would play some kind of role in the sophomore season, even if she doesn't have as big of a presence as she did in Season 1. For months there hasn’t been a peep about her involvement, but now it’s confirmed that Angie will appear in Season 2, but it won’t be in the way fans are expecting.

Instead of Peggy and Angela meeting up in person, Fonseca will actually reprise her role in Episode 9 during a dream sequence Peggy will experience after getting knocked out at the end of Episode 8. This sequence will involve a song and dance number, with Hayley Atwell looking like Golden Age star Rita Hayworth. As for how Angie fits into this, here’s what executive producer Michele Fazekas told EW:

She’s your conscience and she’s speaking the things that Peggy maybe can’t say to herself. It ties things back together from the first season and it’s connecting all of these things in a way that only a dream can do.

If you thought that was weird, there’s more! This Broadway-style sequence, which will eventually shift from black and white to full color Wizard of Oz-style, will include seven regular contributors from Dancing With The Stars, making this an indirect crossover between the ABC series. The number will feature an original song from lyricist David Zippel and composer Christopher Lennertz, which Fazekas and fellow executive producer Tara Butters also had a hand in, and will be choreographed by Dancing With The Stars’ Louis van Amstel.

Agent Carter Angie Martinelli

This sounds like an exciting way to include Fonseca in Season 2, and no doubt imaginary Angie’s words of wisdom will help Peggy through a tough spot. However, the question remains: what happened to the real Angie? Did she simply stay in New York while Peggy went on her adventure in Los Angeles, or did something bad happen to her in the interim between Seasons 1 and 2? While Peggy’s life in the SSR is certainly dangerous, it’s doubtful the show would kill or badly injure such an important character offscreen, which is I’m leaning towards the former. Granted, Hollywood is certainly the place for actresses to be if they’re trying to make it big in the moving pictures, but if Angie managed to score a role in some Broadway play, then it would make sense if she remained in New York while Peggy went to the West Coast. Of course, it’s a shame there’s such a long distance between them now, but if the show ends up getting a third season, then hopefully the two could reunite then.

Agent Carter will premiere on Tuesday, January 19 at 9 p.m. EST on ABC, filling in for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. while it is on hiatus.

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