Agent Carter Season 2 Trailer: Watch Her Punch Her Way Through Hollywood

We’ve known for a while that Agent Peggy Carter would be heading to the west coast for Season 2 of Agent Carter, but this morning, the series finally gave us our first look at the same old character in the brand new location. Notably, there are plenty of sunglasses involved. Check it out, below.

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In the trailer that has been released on Twitter, we get to check out Ms. Carter driving into town in a plush convertible, enjoying the sightrel of palm trees in the cleaner part of Los Angeles. It’s not all fun and relaxing drives, however. Soon, she gets down to business, pulling out guns and taking on foes physically, as well. In one humorous moment, Carter is asked if she’s planning on punching everyone in Los Angeles, and she responds with her typical cheek:

I could do with a hobby.

On a more serious note, there is an awful lot of ass-kicking going down in this trailer.


While Agent Carter was initially envisioned as a limited series, ABC gave the show a surprise renewal last spring. Soon after, the network and Marvel also revealed that Agent Carter would be shifting from its New York setting to sunny Los Angeles, so we knew footage would be a little different this season once it was forthcoming. The main difference so far, besides a new plot (or "mission") seems to be all the sunshine.

While some of the cast will be changing, beyond Hayley Atwell’s Carter, Jarvis, Howard Stark and Daniel Sousa are going to be back, which should be great news for fans. In addition to the returning players, Kurtwood Smith and Ken Marino have signed on and Outlander actress Lotte Verbeek will play Jarvis’ wife. Madame Masque will be the big baddie, and the show has made some changes to the comic character to fit the period setting.

I’m actually a little happy we haven’t been inundated with a ton of new information related to the ABC drama. It means there should be lots of surprises when Agent Carter premieres on Tuesday, January 5 at 9 p.m. ET. For the rest of this winter’s premiere dates, check out our midseason TV schedule.

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