It's certainly been a season of great female talent. Whether it was a matter of the girls simply outnumbering the guys in talent this year, or the judges being unable to scout out the better male voices, we were left with an abundance of female talent this season, and it would be difficult to argue that the Top 3 aren't the most deserving contestants. With that in mind, it's virtually impossible to predict which two ladies will go on to the finale.

Of course, I said "virtually." Because if we're going on consistency in recent weeks, I'd put Candice and Angie in the top two spots. As much as I adore Kree, I think she's had a few too many weeks of not picking the best songs to showcase her talent and charm. With that said. Kree's adorableness could go a long way for her, and it's not as though there's a huge gap in talent between these girls. They're all beautiful and talented, and they're all bringing something different to the stage. It is really anyone's game.

Of course, tonight's results aren't the only exciting Idol news today. Randy Jackson has confirmed that he's quitting the show after this season. That news followed a report that all four judges were being axed after this season. Whether or not that's actually the case remains to be confirmed, but it looks like this season is the 'end of the road' for Randy Jackson, the last of the original American Idol judges. (For audition information for Season 13, visit

Former Idol contestant Lauren Alaina performed tonight. She's looking gorgeous as a blonde and she sounded great. Alicia Keys also performed, and we got a preview of Mariah Carey's new song. That and a feature on Adam Lambert was about enough to fill the hour before the anticipated results.

The Top 2:
Candice Glover
Kree Harrison

Wow! I did not predict that! Angie Miller goes home and it's Candice and Kree set to face-off next week at the finale.

Well, Angie certainly had a fantastic run, and she proved to be one of the better performers on this series. For me, she's this season's Haley Reinhart, in that I would have picked her to win if she'd made it to the Top 2.

Angie barely made it through her swan song, first crying and then laughing when she was joined on stage by her fellow contestants, family and friends. I'd love it if Angie went on to be one of the contestants to hit it big in her post-Idol career.

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