The Americans Opening Sequence Is A Throwback To The 1980s

Next week, FX will debut its newest series, The Americans, a Soviet era spy drama featuring two agents infiltrating suburbia in the U.S. that is executive produced by Justified creator and FX regular Graham Yost. The show has been coming together with promotional materials and casting news for months, now, and with the premiere set for January 30, the network has let loose the opening sequence for the new series.

We’ve seen other previews and teasers for the series, which have focused on the story of how two Soviet spies came together to create the fiction of a perfect U.S. family, as well as the prevalence of Cold War politics during the period. However, while there are a ton of shots related to the Cold War and politicians in the Eighties as part of the introductory sequence, the big differences in the opening credits are its shots of everyday life, from fashion to jazzercizing. Does anyone else not miss the Eighties at all?

Additionally, I’d like to talk about the music used in the introductory sequence. I haven’t heard a strange and aggressive intro that would compete since the last time I watched Justified, so I’m not certain if the weird music is something FX likes or a nice touch from Yost. Still, like the other promotional materials for the new series, the opening credits are well done, and The Americans looks like a program worth checking out.

FX’s The Americans premieres January 30 at 10 p.m. ET.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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