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An Idiot Abroad Season 3 Review: Karl Pilkington And Warwick Davis Make A Great Traveling Duo

In the first two seasons, An Idiot Abroad has featured Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant's pal Karl Pilkington begrudgingly trekking across the globe, having adventures and attempting to absorb some culture. For the series' final season, Gervais has given Pilkington a traveling companion. Life's Too Short star Warwick Davis has come along for the ride in Season 3 of the funny travel show, which makes its official stateside debut on Science Saturday.

An Idiot Abroad wraps up with a 3-episode season, which pairs an especially reluctant Pilkington with Davis as the two set off for Venice (a "city for mermaids") in the season premiere. Their other two destinations are India and China. Below is the trailer, which gives you a taste of what's to come for the duo.

I took a look at the season premiere and I have to say, Warwick Davis is an excellent addition to this series.. Karl is true to form in his uncertain approach to whatever adventure awaits, while Davis compliments that with his own perspective and encouragement. Of course, Pilkington's not quite on board with Davis joining him at first, but then again, when is he ever all that enthusiastic about anything? Davis (Willow, Star Wars) adds his own commentary to their travels and offers some supportive words to Karl, who can often use a bit of encouragement.

The success of the Davis/Pilkington idea relies heavily on the dynamic between the two people, and in that respect, it really works and I sort of wish Davis had been along for the ride from the beginning. Not that Karl hasn't always been great on his own. In fact, part of the appeal of the show is seeing Karl face uncomfortable situations without anyone to turn to for help, but Davis seems to know when to participate and when to stand back and let Karl do his thing, so his presence only adds to the show. Season 3 is entertaining, funny and unfortunately the end of the road for this clever, sometimes goofy little series. Be sure to tune in Saturday (January 19) at 9:00 p.m. ET on Science for the first episode of Season 3.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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